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To TEA Party Organization Leaders: Unite for Liberty

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  1. I hope that any of our readers that are with Tea Parties will carry this message to their groups.
    Tea Parites have a proven power.

    • That is my plan. You can help by sharing on facebook, twitter, google, and any other media you have available. Spreading this and urging any contacts people have is what will get it done.

  2. Time to work together both locally and at the national level. The adage that all elections are local is hogwash. Any elected federal representative or senator through his/her ineptitude or private agenda can affect every American. Time for a national campaign to throw both rinos and progressive Marxists from office. Yes, I said Marxists. Since the sixties they have infiltrated and finally hijacked the dem party. Don’t believe. Just take a good look at those currently in congress and the administration attempting and succeeding in destroying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.