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2 thoughts on “There Is No Doubt About Obama Now

  1. Jerry T

    They enacted Martial Law to shut down a city to catch a murderer. He is caught by chance before he is silenced forever by death from his wounds. Then brought back from the brink he is silenced by Obama’s minions in what was once maybe a Department of Justice. Rights for the unjust who vanquished the innocent who will never have justice. This is as dispicable as the deed itself. We can never talk about human rights in our world when our own stage is a mess with the carnage of the innocent at the hands of malcontents.

    Bombs, Guns, Knives, Spears, Cars, Planes can all be weapons of mass destruction when they are given direction and intent in the minds and hands of mad men. No law of legislation will ever stop or change that given. Obama knows that. Weapons are also a deterant in the hands of authority and responsible people. Obama knows that also. He could care less about the first part but the second part could be a problem for him down the road. Liberals and the media are his useful idiots. Fresh victims or their survivors are cut so deeply in their emotional loses that they make wonderful props for his agenda. So he parades them before cameras and around Washington shouting we need to do whats right. That is the workings of a sick mind and the peak of irresponsible leadership on his part.

    Don’t think for one minute that the despots of the world aren’t watching this. For them, they would not have silenced this person who did the bombing, just the room he was in. As for Benghazi, those four Americans would be alive today if it were Bush. He may have dropped the ball at times but he is still a Patriot. Obama is just an agent with an agenda. Given what he has done and is still doing, absolutely no one could be that stupid and be president.

    Jerry T

  2. Al

    10 or 15 years? I dare say it’ll come sooner than that.

    That aside, one doesn’t need Subprime 2.0 to recognize Obama’s regime is deliberately trying to collapse this society. He and his cohorts hate American “colonialism,” as they see it. They’re attacking the American way of life and law-abiding citizens on every front.

    Unless the American people rise up en masse and bring this thugocracy to justice for high treason, we will fall as a nation. And then our hell will really begin.

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