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The Assault on Education!

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  1. Education has gone out the window. Quality teachers are just not in our school system anymore. They are teaching what they want to teach & it is not the subjects that are required for entering college. Hats off to those that are worth what they are being paid & doing a good job, and that does not include politics, passing out condoms, or suspending students that have their bread looking like a gun. It galls me to watch teachers marching for more pay when they are not even coming close to doing a good job w/ teaching students, and suspending students for idiotic choices. My firm belief is that they, the teachers, should have to go thru psychology classes to make sure they have their head on straight.

    • I can’t speak for every teacher, but there ARE quality teachers in the school system. My wife is one of them. The issue is too much federal government interference in how schools are run. So much of education funding is from the federal gov’t, and it is tied to the school districts lining up in lockstep with what and how the fed. gov’t want them to educate. So much time and focus is spent on standardized testing, that principals are ‘teaching to the test.’ Teachers’ hands are tied and it’s all about kids learning to take a test well, not learning the important subjects of reading, math, and writing. It’s a one-size-fits-all approach to education that is not working. My wife is frustrated by it all because she has a passion to teach, and is good at it. But government mandates make robots out of teachers, and kids for that matter. Whether it’s “No Child Left Behind” or “Common Core,” federally-mandated requirements are not the answer. Local districts need to be given the true power to invest their own creativity and resources in teaching kids. It’s a reason why my wife, a public school teacher, and I homeschool our 2 kids. Our 7-year old 1st grader just finished 2ND GRADE reading, and is excelling in math, as well.