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Stick figure deemed racist by council member

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Comments (3)

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  1. granny says:

    Forgot to mention….. Its always the liberal idiots that complain…..about everything. She must have graduated from BO’s school…. They both are idiots, learned nothing.

  2. granny says:

    One person objects & its a done deal. This is the way the country seems to be headed. The stupid liberals like Hodges are ruining our school systems & harming our children. When a cowboy wears a black hat, he is the evil cowboy. It has nothing to do with racist. Women get married in white….wow racist!! However the guy usually is wearing stick black. Ooh, does that mean we should not marry him, or better yet, where is the NAACP. People in the dark (pictures of all kinds)always look dark, no matter what their origin. Is the world turning STUPID or is just my imagination. Hodges must have turned muslim as w/ her outlook on life….she is already one of them. Hope she doesn’t walk the streets at night…ooohhhhh….white will appear as a black stick figure. Sticks are burned or put in a wood chipper. Goodbye Hodges.

  3. Chris Vaca says:

    Like Ann Coulter said, There are only two groups that are obsessed with race, skin heads and Liberals.
    If it wasn’t for race they would have nothing to talk about.