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2 thoughts on “Senate Immigration Bill Delivers Amnesty and Cheap Labor, but Not Immigration Reform

  1. Jan Brown

    “THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS” in this ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform bill. “ENFORCEMENT & SECURED BORDERS FIRST!!!” is the message we need to send to Washington. TODAY.
    There are (proceedural) points that need to be tweaked to update the processing of applications, to be sure, but that’s all! We can safely assume that those in charge of enforcement read English & And full well understand the rules/laws so there is NO impediment denying us a lawful enforcemnt. This bill will make or break a politician that’s up for re-election or considers their current job a “career”. We MUST make a stand here & now..don’t limit yourself to justgriping & singing with the choir, let your voices rise & be heard by the apathic, the do-gooders, and the employees in DC. The politicians all have doors they lock on their offices & homes & armed guards to protect them. Don’t we deserve the same?…no if we don’t demand it. NOW

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