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Reps Chaffetz & Bentivolio Tour a Porous AZ Border

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  1. YOU MADE MY DAY with this post!!! I just hope others got the pictures (my pc didn’t p/u) FINALLY some can ‘see’ a small part of what’s really a daily occurance here. McCain/Schummer reported they spent ‘about’ an hour south of Tuscon & “got to see a woman cross & be arrested” The Yuma Sector is quite abit better secured any & Texas is wide open. Hunter’s with a deer lease set up ‘game cameras’ about 60miles SE of Odessa/Midland Tx (Inner-state 20) to monitor the deer, but instead got frame after frame of ‘unidentified (groups) of unknown persons w/ backpacks crossing. The deer were gone, but piles of trash were found & a fence cut….Rubio may have a ‘grasp’ on immigration that the other 7 gang member don’t, but not a single one is qualified to draft legislation on it!! IF they WANT to know what is going on at the Borders, they have to realize it can’t be done in Washington or in a quick stop over. They can also contact Dr Vickers, a rancher in Brooks County Tx & head of the Texas Border Volunteers where he & his wife keep 4 very large dogs & carry a firearm 24/7.or go to the St David area south of Tuscon,& Presido Tx. There can be NO solution, no new laws NO Amnesty or path to citizenship until the BORDERS ARE SECURED and law enforcement is ‘allowed to enforce existing law”