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Rand Loves The Drones? Not Quite…

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  1. Anyone who knows Paul and what he stands for and has COMMON SENSE!!!!!! will understand what he meant! The Media loves to use snip and clip one liner sound bites to outrage the masses! Paul stands for the entire Constitution but in this case he is defining the use of drones within the context of the 4th Amendment (and most certainly exercising the 1st). The media, however, is the ubiquitous court jester trying to make a monkey out of everyone they oppose. Who’s surprised they would “soundbite” Paul?!

    Stop paying attention to them!

    Everyday we get our dose of anti-gun propaganda! Have you not noticed?? They are like the onagers and battering rams constantly pounding at our sensebilities ans our EMOTIONS! sensationalizing every stink-king little event – you don’t hear about the baseball bat murders and killings on a national bases. You don’t hear about everyone who died in a car wreck. ONLY GUN KILLINGS! (Of course it could be there are just too many of those events to report – gun events are few and easily sensationalized – high value reports doncha know! – LAZEEEEEEEE!) Just one day I’d like to hear about all of the car fatalities in the nation. All of them! Inquring minds…. yeah okay!

    So. Maybe Rand could have used a better choice of words but since I’m an intellegent person I have the ability to look a little closer and see how his words fit with what I know he believes!

    Derrell Pooole