Public Approval of Hunting Highest Since 1995

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  • I’m not certain if this survey was actually done in Newtown or covered a larger area. What I do understand is that, as unspeakable as the horror at Sandy Hook was, this Administration is giving it a longer run than a hit on Broadway. These grieving parents have no lines to speak on camera, just parade around in this charade parade & be seen… props on stage for “the Obama Gun agenda”… There was one Father that lost his precious son that DID speak before congress, & he made the trip on a commerical plane a couple of weeks ago.
    I didn’t see him among the group that went to D.C., nor did mainstream media carry it. (He asked that Sandy Hook NOT be the event that affected the 2nd Amendent….

    While emotional citizens of Newtown were making the rounds of D.C.ites I wonder if any were invited to the celebertiy bash at the (our) White House??
    What amazes me is that this Administration is so crase & shameless that if they had “any’, I’d say they need castration. We asked for transparency, boy is this it!! This, we see clearly…how sad….