President speaks on capture of last marathon bombing suspect, oddly, no one cares what he has to say

By | April 19, 2013

President Obama made a wandering and odd speech on the capture of the second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing on Friday. Stranger still, no one really cared what he had to say.

The President spent his political capital on gun control. A wasted effort to get Americans to agree that allowing the government to have more rights than the people was reasonable. Again, no one really cared what he had to say.

Gun rights and the Boston bomber are both incredibly important issues that most Americans have paid close attention to.  The difference is that Obama has next to no credibility on either of these issues/stories so no one really wants to hear from him on either of  them.

President Obama hit the rose garden with a speech he obviously felt would raise the spirits of everyone in Boston. What he failed to realize is that Boston was strong before he ever got elected and they don’t need him to feel safe.

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7 thoughts on “President speaks on capture of last marathon bombing suspect, oddly, no one cares what he has to say

  1. Derrell Poole

    I’m just sitting back watching to see how Obie and his Emo Prophets (the lying progressive media) are going to spin this tragedy into “More Security – Less Freedom”! (feel free to chant that a few times) Not that it will work. As we have seen.

    Obie tried very hard to use the Sandy Hookers to short-circuit our Common Sense by emotionalizing the phantom issue of gun control. Fortunately, there are a lot more of us with common sense than Obie expected. “My God – sorry – My Allah! What the phuque happened?! Moral issues? Moral Issues? No, it’s the guns, I tell ya (I’m so much smarter than you!). Moral issues are just toooooo complicated and nebulous to be the reasons!”

    Surprise!, Obie! You blame our Senators who “get it” and a powerful Gun Lobby for your tragic little setback! Where do you think those Senators and that “powerful Gun Lobby” got their compulsion to stand up to you!?

    While the battle isn’t over and the true answers to a responsible citizenry is a long hard row to hoe I have to admit; seeing Obie throw his tantrum and Joey-boy looking like Jeff Dunham’s Walter (Sorry, Walter) has made my MONTH!

    These people are cartoons and we need to keep the initiative to put them in their place – out of office! We need to push the House to do the real Background check in question and impeach this Fraud and then we need to push the Senate to prosecute the charges!!

    But folks I rejoice with all of you! The “tired, Dusty” ol’ Constitution Works!!!


    PS no less sorrow extended to the Sandy Hookers for their losses but to allow yourselves to be used with such irresponsibility IS tantamount to prostitution!! And Obie; you owe the American People ALL of the money you spent to transport those people and host them. PAY! IT! BACK!

    Sequester MY ASS!

  2. Some call mer.....Tim

    I’m sorry, but he is NOT my President either (well….okay I’m NOT really sorry).

    Every time I see this person on the television I want to hurl, I scream at the TV, and throw my shoes at it!

    When are we going to get rid of this POS?

  3. Prof Shadow

    Still waiting for the background check on Obama….

  4. Jim Clayton

    I agree with all of the above statements. He hates this country and says he wants us to be more like Europe.God Forbid!!!!.He hates the fact that we’re the no.1 country in the world and yes he is a muslim hiding behind the fact he’s a Christian as anyone with the mind of a billygoat can see he clearly is not.

  5. Paul T. Leslie

    He doesn’t have anything of value to say.

    I don’t regard him as my president -and that’s based on his beliefs, priorities and actions. He’s repeatedly demonstrated that he regards me (as a Marine vet) as a potential enemy of the U.S. He has attacked my religious freedom. He has attacked my freedom of choice by imposing his socialist health care bureaucracy. He has attacked my right to property by taking my earnings by force to give to those who won’t work. He has attacked my country by working to undermine its foundations in the Declaration, Bill of Rights and Constitution.

    Yeah, I can’t stand to hear the socialist’s voice.

    1. granny

      Thank you, I feel the same. He needs a reality check. There is something mentally wrong w/ him. Oh yeah that’s right, hes a muslim. They are all uneducated idiots.

  6. Jan Brown

    I did not hear him refer to the bombers as terroist, nor radicals, Islam or Muslins….He gave a very obscure statement about “we” must not let this horror cause us to direct our ‘actions’ towards any particular group of people’….Shades of 9/11, see how that worked out.

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