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Confederate Corner with George Neat – Everything is in the Mixed Bag


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What: Yes there are Confederates north of the Mason-Dixon line, and George Neat is one of them. And we’re happy to bring his views to you in the “Confederate Corner” radio show.

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Tonight: It’s been a crazy week, and George is on the warpath. More gun talk, of course. Plus, some talk about the ATF, military, the Boston Bombing suspects’ family, and wait for it…. PORN. So, be sure to join us for an interesting ride, and of course, there will be the Soldier Salute, and the infamous “Crack Pipe Moment”!

More Hacking at the Roots

It is difficult to assure accuracy in an incident without knowing all the facts.  However, knowing all the facts is also nearly impossible.  Thus, mouth-all-mighty people like me offer opinions based on the information they have available.  As more information becomes available opinions shifts.

Now, I come to target of this monologue.

This past weekend the Snow Canyon Lady Warriors rugby team in St. George, Utah conducted an event to raise money to assist them in traveling to a national competition, out of state.  A passerby decided to choose to be offended by the event. “This is a highly inappropriate way for a team to raise money, no matter how desperately it’s needed.”

What was the egregious event?  A bake sale combined with a raffle for shotgun.  In this lady’s mind the raffle equated to insensitivity to recent tragic events across the nation that have cost people their lives.  Insensitivity to mayhem raises the eyebrow of any rational person.

Yet, with full sensitivity to those events, I asked the question, “What made this women chief of the appropriateness police?”  Where does she deem she has authority delegated to her by society to decide what is or is not appropriate…beyond her own self-appointed superiority complex?  Yes, I know that sounds harsh.  It was intended to sound harsh.  Because those who would lord themselves over others will learn by no other means than directness.

This woman of course ran to the school officials bawling that she was too weak to view opinions opposed to her own.  In response the equally weakling principal jumped to confusions about his role.  According to the newspaper article he is placing the coach in jeopardy of her job.  Why?  Because he too believes it is somehow his role to declare to the community what moral offenses (as his opinion dictates) can or cannot be committed.  He has assigned himself, by merit of a simple administrative bureaucrat role, as the chief of moral values for the community.  How absolutely presumptuous.  Perhaps rather than dismissing the coach, for allowing her team to conduct a legal activity, it should be the principal that is fired for being a clear and present danger to the liberties of the community.

We live in a society that is sacrificing itself upon the alter self-importance.  Somehow, a preponderance of members of our society have come to the conclusion that their choice to be offended is more precious than another person’s right to liberty.  Another way of stating that is “My desires are more relevant than your rights”.  Or, yet, even more succinctly “My liberty to have control over you exceeds your liberty to have control over yourself.”

Such presumptuousness is evil at its core.

We have, in the name of the awful doctrine of psychological self-awareness, attempted to build a moral fabric of society upon a foundation of “feelings” rather than conduct.  Said a woman and a principal of questionable principles “we are entitled to pretend that our opinions deserve the same protection as does violation of your liberty.”

Further, we have fallen victims to the age old fallacy that “when they are learned, they think they are wise.”  We were warned and forewarned against such foolish assumptions…by men far wiser than most of us.

Now, for the record, I despise the use of guns.  I equally despise the acts of violence which so easily men engage in to enforce their power-over others.  The use of guns in place of reason is an insult to the dignity of mankind.  I make no distinction as to why, what brand, what caliber a gun is.  I despise the lot of them.  Yet, having said that, I know how to use many of them.  And, because some reactionary people, such as those who take offense at the liberty of others or seek to exercise control over them by mere titles, it becomes necessary for some of us to keep and bear arms.

The US Constitution assured that right to bear arms after diligent and thoughtful discourse among men of reason and principle.  I have yet to meet or hear of any person in my lifetime with greater wisdom and inspiration than them.  But, it is not just their wisdom we can honor.  It was the reasonable understanding and logic of the entire nation of people that embraced that right to bear arms to whom we ought to look to fashion our own wisdom.

The assault on a group of girls by a zealot, supported by a potentate, is possibly far more egregious, to all, than the girl’s offense of being nothing more than a group of carnival barkers crying “Come one and all.  Step right up.  Try your chance at winning a symbol of your liberty.”

CBS Charlie Rose: The Republicans Have a Point???

cbs this morning

CBS political director John Dickerson was interviewed by Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning about the impact of sequestration cuts. Watch for Rose’s shocked expression when he realizes that Dickerson is saying the Republicans have a point about allowing departments to have flexibility where they make these cuts (about 50 seconds).

This just tosses the Democrats’ argument that we need to raise taxes. Darn those Republicans for saying we can be smart about where spending cuts can be most effective and have least impact on citizens.

Come to think of it, this is how most of us actually manage to live within our own budgets.

The left continues to push for government childcare

The left continues to push for government childcare

Leaving aside the glaring problem of fiscal sustainability, the prospect of government-run childcare should send shivers down the spine of any traditional parent.
Admittedly, this is not a new idea on the left. To be sure, virtually the entire progressive platform in modern America consists of rehashed policies embraced by ideological forebears.
When describing the leftist pipe dream in a recent appearance in Ohio, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi explained her view that childcare should fall squarely under the control of the federal government.
Among the radical left, there is virtually no aspect of human life that does not warrant government intervention. When Washington gets involved, as we have witnessed countless times before, circumstances deteriorate rapidly.
Alas, providing solutions is not the intended result of increased government intrusion. Instead, such action is viewed as yet another opportunity to encourage dependence and compliance.
It is painfully evident throughout America’s corrupt public school system that government-controlled education results in students without a firm grasp of basic skills and with a mindful of leftist propaganda.
Following the Communist playbook, Pelosi simply disregards facts and explains why children should be turned over to government surrogates at the earliest age possible.
Praising Barack Obama’s budgetary inclusion of “preschool for all,” Pelosi said he “comes close” to the overarching federal childcare system she envisions.
Going back five decades, she portrayed conservatives and Richard Nixon as villains in the utopian quest to provide everything to everyone.
After a bill proposing government childcare landed on Nixon’s desk, Pelosi said “the conservative movement … came in and said that would undermine families or something,” which led to a presidential veto.
Calling the initiative “long overdue,” she supports yet another unfunded liability because “we have a situation of children learning, parents earning.”
With 90 million Americans currently unemployed and a woefully undereducated generation of students, Pelosi’s talking points are particularly unconvincing.
Nevertheless, she is sure to get plenty of support among her fellow big government lefties who view any and all wasteful government spending as sacred. Indeed, Pelosi falsely identified Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and ObamaCare as “pillar[s] of economic stability,” arguing childcare should be added to the list.
One could critique the federal government ad infinitum, though certain issues are far more egregious than other. Among the most reprehensible policies in recent years are the irresponsible mismanagement of revenue and shameful indoctrination of our youth through government-run schools.
Pelosi and her cohorts on the fringe left want to double down on both of those tactics by conditioning the populace to think of childcare as yet another entitlement.
The heartbreaking tragedy of it all is our Constitution promises only three rights – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The left has to constantly trash and attack these beautiful ideas, though, to build up the false impression the government exists to babysit and spoon feed its citizenry.
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Late Term Abortion Clinic Tells Mom-To-Be: ‘If it comes out (at home) just flush it!’

This undercover video shows the callousness of abortion clinic employees at a late term abortion clinic. She explains the procedure in great detail as the “patient” asks questions. There is no emotion. The first employee explains that she has been doing this “a very long time… since she was 16 years old.” She clearly admits that the procedure and solution “kills” the baby.  This is murder, plain and simple! They can try to rationalize all they want. They can call it “choice” all they want. The pretty little word “choice” doesn’t change the fact that it is outright murder of a tiny, innocent, helpless life! May God have mercy on the souls of these people!

This is Not about Ireland

The old man sat alone in the pub.  On the table in front was a pint of Irish ale.  The sleeve of his tattered jacket, dirty as the whole of it, bore the symbol of an army long defeated on the battlefield, yet not in the heart of a true Irishman.  Or so he retold himself.  His eyes were glassy as they carefully examined the war of twenty-two and twenty-three.

“Will ye be hav’n another pint, old fella?” ask younger man dressed in the casuals of modern barman.  Then he stood and waited for a reply.  He stood a while longer…waiting for a reply.

The ancient shoulders squared.  His head snapped to attention like a soldier called for special assignment.  “Maybe one for the boys, and then I’ll be head’n me back to joint them.”  He looked and sounded sad.

“Ma name is Andrew” the boy nearly whispered, “I notice your boys are left on quite a while back.  Can ya share with me just how you aim to catch on up to them?”

“Good ones, all of them.  They stood proud, you know!”

“I never had the chance to meet them, sir.  Ma shift is nearly done, will ya tell me who they were?”

“Well, lad, their names are gone from me, just as they left this life long ago.  But prouder men of Erin ya might like never to have found.  Loyal to their native land and lore were they.  Alright indeed lad, alright indeed.”

“Were they your sons?”

“Yea, they were sons and more.  They were friends.  Men of valor amongst them all.  Died fere Ireland they did.  Not to hoist the Union jack, but to bleed beneath honor of the Orange and Green.”

A quiet settled for a few moments, as those nearby set their mugs at rest.

“Tell me, lad.  What colors would ya lay your life down fere?”  It was asked with resolution, firmness, and dignity without judgmental challenge.  The room fell fully quiet.  Among those whose attention rested on the boy were men surely twice his age, yet still only half a lifetime spent during the old man’s years.

The young man blushed.  He was a college student studying accounting.  He had never considered himself one to be counted upon, but rather one who would simply count.  In a moment of brief self-introspection Andrew again spoke softly “It’s never given me no thought or care.  I mean ya no disrespect, sir, but that be how she really in ma head. It never gave me no thought.”

“Ah, me young lad, don’t let it be unnerving to ya.  Most of yer admirers in here have never gave her thought as well.”  There was a discernible shiver in the crowd.  “Give a good thought to me question, lad.  Give it a good thought.  Ya deserve to know what ya value, whatever she may be.”  With that the old man downed his last swallow of ale and left the pub.

The next morning at the pub Andrew skimmed the local news.  There on page four was a short article, accompanied by a picture.  The headline read “Final Captain of The Irish Civil War Found Deceased”.  Pictured below was a young man in a clean sharp battle dress jacket.  Beside that picture was another of the same man lying beside a stone that bore his name and date of birth.  He wore the same jacket, but it was worn and dirty.  On his chest, held firmly in a death grip, were the delicately folded Orange and Green.  No ribbons, no medals, no insignia of rank, just a tattered jacket and an aged yet pristine flag.

Three evenings later the boy began to write.  By midnight more sheets were in the trash than remained on pad.  But Andrew’s eye gleamed brighter than when he started.  He knew he was getting close.  As the morning rays of sunlight cast early shadows across the ground he walked toward a clothing store, with his written conscience resolutely in his trouser pocket.

By the time his shopping was done the shadows were at their shortest and the sun at her highest.  Andrew stood at the foot of a mound of dirt, headed by carved stone.  On the stone a death date had been chiseled more brightly than all the rest.

“I have an answer, sir” said Andrew, as softly as he ever spoke, but yet with a depth of conviction meant to come from an older, wiser, more hardened man.  He shifted in his new jacket.  In his hands he held the Orange and the Green, folded according to national custom.  Resting on the flag was his hand-written statement.

“I lay my life before my maker, for the blessing of life and liberty.

Together they are indivisible.  Life and liberty are one complete sentence.

Life begins with birth; it ends with liberty.

Ireland, Land of Abundance, grants abundance of life and a greater abundance of liberty.

The Orange (liberty) and Green (life) in a field of pure white represent a dedicated nation.

I lay my life beneath the Orange and Green, because without them abundance turns to shallow.

Erin Go Bragh.”

This article is a poor attempt at writing “in Irish”.  I conform to the notion that there are two nationalities: Irishmen, and those that want to be.  Many readers may believe this article is about Ireland, about nationality, or simply a short tale.  Do not be derailed!

This article is about life and liberty…and what they really mean.  Reread…between the lines.

North Korea: Proof that “arms control” has utterly failed


In December, North Korea tested an ICBM which delivered a North Korean satellite to the Earth’s orbit, thus demonstrating the capability to miniaturize payloads and to deliver such payloads to the orbit – and to the US.

In February, the North Koreans declared that not only will they not surrender their nuclear arsenal, they’ll actually INCREASE it, and published a video simulating a nuclear strike on the US.

Last month, they withdrew from the 1953 Panmunjon armistice that suspended the Korean War, put their missile force on its highest alert level, threatened to attack the US and its allies in Asia, cut off all hotlines with the South, and brought the KoreanPeninsula to the brink of war.

Meanwhile, Russia announced that she will not agree to any further cuts in its vast nuclear arsenal and confirmed she’ll continue the comprehensive modernization of her entire arsenal – strategic and tactical, ICBMs, bombers, and SSBNs alike.

In the first days of April, North Korea declared it’s in “a state of war” with the South and that it will never surrender its nuclear arsenal or even discuss its existence; that its arsenal is “non-negotiable”; and that it has “confirmed” plans of a nuclear attack on the US. Meanwhile, China amassed troops on its border with North Korea to show support of its fraternal Communist neighbor (China’s only formal treaty ally).

Now, North Korea often makes threats and uses bellicose rhetoric, but rhetoric of such degree of bellicosity and intensity – and openly threatening (and even simulating) a nuclear attack on the US – is something scarcely heard of. So is the acquisition of ICBMs capable of striking the US homeland and miniaturizing warheads to make them fit atop missiles. That’s something only Russia, China, and NK itself have mastered to date.

Meanwhile, Russia and China continue to increase and modernize their large nuclear arsenals – strategic and tactical.

What has brought this disastrous situation about? What does it show?

It proves the utter failure of “arms control” (read: disarmament) and appeasement policies, which have pursued since 1989 by successive administrations, Republican and Democratic.

It proves the utter failure of the “arms control” and appeasement policies advocated (to this day) by pro-arms control groups such as the Arms Control Association, the Ploughshares Fund, Global Zero, and the “Council for a Livable World”.

For decades, these liberal, extremely-leftist treasonous groups have claimed that cutting America’s nuclear deterrent would make the US and the world safer; that “less is more”; that it would somehow magically “induce” Russia to cut its own arsenal or at least stop growing it; and that it would somehow convince North Korea and Iran to stop pursuing nuclear weapons, or at least convince other countries to put pressure on Pyongyang and Tehran.


All of these claims were always blatant lies. Nothing more. Yet, many were duped by them, including the 71 gullible Senators who voted for New START in December 2010, in the twilight days of the 111th Congress. Some Americans may still be duped by these lies. Yet, no one should be, for they were never anything more than lies.


For many years, I have been warning that the claims of arms controllers – such as the above-mentioned ones – are blatant lies, have been refuting them, and have been reminding people that the ONLY thing that can guarantee America’s and allies’ security is a strong, unmatched US military, including a large, modern nuclear deterrent.


Turns out I was right all along, and the proponents of “arms control”, arms reduction, and disarmament, including the ACA, Ploughshares, the CLW, and Global Zero were wrong all along.


Since 1991 – the end of the Cold War – America’s nuclear arsenal has been cut by over 75%; numerous nuclear-capable systems have been terminated entirely; nuclear testing has been suspended indefinitely; the remaining arsenal (and its supporting infrastructure) have been allowed to decay; and US tactical nukes have been unilaterally withdrawn from US ships and the KoreanPeninsula.


Yet, all of that has utterly failed to convince Pakistan, North Korea, and Iran to stop pursuing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles of increasing range. It has also completely failed to convince other countries to put heavy pressure on these rogue states. Thus, it has utterly failed to stop or even slow down nuclear proliferation. Pakistan became a nuclear power in 1998; North Korea in 2006; and Iran is well on its way to the nuclear club.


22 years of cutting America’s nuclear deterrent deeply have also utterly failed to convince China to stop expanding its nuclear arsenal which, according to the most credible estimates by veteran nuclear strategist Professor Philip Karber and former Russian missile force commander Gen. Viktor Yesin, consists of at least 1,800, and up to 3,000, nuclear warheads, along with their delivery systems: dozens of ICBMs, 6 ballistic missile submarines, 440 nuclear-capable aircraft, over 1,600 short-range, and up to 120 medium-range ballistic missiles, plus nuclear-armed cruise missiles.


And now, Russia, having substantially reduced its nuclear arsenal in the 1990s and early 2000s, is now rebuilding and modernizing it rapidly. Permitted by New START to grow its deployed arsenal, it has done so, reaching 1,550 deployed strategic warheads and 700 deployed launchers (plus many others nondeployed). It is now building it up beyond New START limits, and its tactical nuclear arsenal, estimated at up to 4,000 warheads and their delivery systems, is not limited by any treaty in any way. It consists of a wide range of systems: nuclear torpedoes, nuclear naval mines, nuclear depth charges, nuclear artillery shells, freefall bombs, warheads for SRBMs, etc.

Cutting America’s nuclear stockpile unilaterally under Presidents Bush and Obama has thus utterly failed to “induce” Russia to stop growing and modernizing its own arsenal. Nor has it “induced” it to refrain from provocations like simulated bomber strikes on US missile defenses in Alaska, CA, Guam, and Japan – four months within less than a year, as chronicled by the WFB’s Bill Gertz.

Every policy must be judged by just one standard: whether it succeeds or fails in advancing US interests and national security. “By their fruit ye shall know them”, said Jesus Christ.

Judged by its results – its “fruit” – arms control and arms reduction have been an utter, dangerous failure for the West, including the US, some of the results of which we’re now witnessing in the Korean Peninsula, as an increasingly emboldened Pyongyang mounts its provocations and threats, and grows its nuclear arsenal while the US cuts its own.

Russia’s, China’s, and Pakistan’s nuclear buildups, and Iran’s race to the nuclear club’s doors while exposing Western sanctions as toothless likewise prove the utter failure of “arms control”.

Only a large, modern, multi-legged nuclear deterrent and a multilayered missile defense system can provide security and peace for the US, its allies, and the world at large. Nothing else will work. Any attempt to try anything else is doomed to fail – as arms control has – and would be an unneeded distraction from the work that needs to be done to rebuild and modernize America’s nuclear deterrent.

It is high time for the US to stop cutting and start building up and modernizing its nuclear deterrent, resume the development and testing of nuclear weapons, and build a comprehensive, multilayered missile defense system.

UPDATED: Parents Want 2nd Opinion on Child’s Health; CPS Takes Child

UPDATE MONDAY 7PM MST: A judge has ruled that the baby be transferred to another medical center and will allow the family to be reunited with their child. The parents must not take the child from the hospital without appropriate discharge and must follow all medical advice.

Additional information provided indicates the child has had a known heart murmur and the family has been under regular pediatric cardiologist care with the understanding that heart surgery would be necessary but had not been considered an emergent basis.


As mom to a special needs child our family is well acquainted with social workers and state agents. In these tough financial times many state workers are being paid less and working more.  For the most part the workers want to do what is best for the family. But what happens when an accusation appears to be made without merit? Can a child be removed from its parents simply because an accuser thinks he might know best?

In the case below parents of an ill baby take the child to the hospital. Following, by the parents’ accounts, what appears to be errors on the part of hospital staff and talk of extreme open heart surgery the parents remove their child and take it to a neighboring hospital for a second opinion. At the second hospital doctors release the child to be taken home with the parents for continued health care.

At one point, Anna says, a nurse came in and started giving the baby, named Sammy, medicine.

When she asked what it was, the nurse allegedly replied, “I don’t know.”

“I’m like, you’re working as a nurse, and you don’t even know what to give to my baby…?” Anna said in an ABC10 Action News interview. They later found out that medicine was antibiotics, which Anna claims the doctor told her Sammy shouldn’t have received. After doctors started discussing heart surgery, the Nikolayevs decided they wanted a second opinion.  They weren’t categorically opposed to the procedure, but they wanted a different doctor. “If we got the one mistake after another, I don’t want to have my baby have surgery in the hospital where I don’t feel safe,” Anna explained.

But it seems staff at the first hospital reported the family to Child Protective Services because the parents took the child out of the hospital without permission.  And according to the reports and parent statements police assisted CPS agents to forcibly take the baby from its mother.

We all want our children to be safe, to be protected. Child abuse is horrendous and should be treated seriously. Everyone believes that it is better to be safe than sorry.

But when is the accusation the only proof necessary to take a child from its parents?


The strangest bedfellows?: American Left and Radical Islam


There should be no doubts in anyone’s mind by now that the American far left, including Communists and other global socialists, are in alliance not only with each other but with radical Islam.  The common thread is their hatred of American power and its Constitutional government of inalienable individual rights, broad freedoms and unprecedented economic success.

There is no other possible explanation for the fact that these disparate and therefore  strange bedfellows are tolerating each other by sharing the same political sleeping quarters within this nation.  Consider this:

The International Socialists aka Marxists aka Communists and the other global socialists now in control of the US government claim to be promoting the most humanitarian ideology, one possessing the greatest fairness, equality and peace advocacy.  Yet at the same time they bend over backwards, forewards and sideways in order to ignore and excuse every attempt by radical Islam to undermine US power and security.

This despite the fact that much of modern Islam adheres to and promotes a theological dogma which supports perhaps the least fair and equal doctrines and the most belligerent attitude in the contemporary world.  Were the predominantly secular American Communists adhering their own ethical causes as purely as they would like American to believe, they certainly would never tolerate an ally which favors the imposition of such a male chauvinistic, heterosexual-obsessed and militaristic society as that which radical Islam has maintained in many Muslim-dominated countries and which it supports in so many others.  That is, uinless they shared the same short-term goals of defeating a mutual enemy.

Nor could either American Communists or radical Islam succeed by promoting their causes openly.  That neither had done so here for many decades is why both have succeeded so well in acquiring the power and influence which they now enjoy.

From past failures, including repeated military defeats of Islamic armies over many centuries, and the exposure of American Communists in the early 1950s, they well understand the importance of operating clandestinely by presenting a false front of “moderation” in the promotion of “change” for the sake of advancing “fairness” and “equality” within existing Christian Capitalist systems.

Ironically, this secretive modus operandi has extended to their long term goals, at least in their dealings with outsiders, which is one key reason they can be allied in their mutually-beneficial campaign to bring down American power and the remains of the American Constitutional political system.  For Communism is primarily a secular political movement (Marx considered religion “the opiate of the masses”), while Islam is a religion with a political mission.

Each expects to dominate whatever new system they manage to create.  Although their political missions to establish totalitarian rule are similar, the moral and legal principles on which their totalitarianism would be based irreconcilably conflict.

No doubt their leaders realize this.  But at this point we can surmise that each believes that by stealth alone, followed afterwards by force through strength, it can gain complete control of the USA and the other remaining Western Judeo-Christian based countries with their undesireable Christian ethics, democratic procedures and relatively free markets.

The important thing for anyone who still believes in the superior value of these “Western traditions” to understand and act on is

(a) the American far left is in a symbiotic alliance with radical Islam because they are the two most historically devoted and potent enemies the Western tradition has, and

(b) the mutually-executed strategy of both movements is to remain as disingenuous as possible in communications with remaining supporters of the Western tradition, because they realize that that approach has worked incredibly well for them both so far, and is the one most likely to bring them to the point where any threat to their final victory can be overcome.

Until those who value Western traditions (including Christianity and Judaism, the political concepts of inalienable rights, Constitutional rule of law and democratic procedures, and free market economies) realize that they have been and are being played by systematic misrepresentation by American Communists and radical Muslims, little progress in defending what remains of those traditions and values can occur.  Nor will there be any real prospect of defeating either or both of the cloaked enemies out to destroy them.

This awakening must include not only American citizens and voters, but also the more or less unwitting allies of Global Socialism and radical Islam in American education and media.

httpv://  Mark Levin Part I on Alinsky

httpv://  Mark Levin Part 2 on Alinsky

httpv:// Islam and The West documentary

Billion Dollar Babies and American Jihad – Intellectual Froglegs

And here is the latest installment of Intellectual Froglegs:

Joe Dan Gorman nails it yet again, with his in-depth analysis of leftist propaganda on Jihadists, phobias, abortion, Planned Parenthood, and Janet Napolitano. In case you’re wondering, Napolitano has no clue how to do her job, except the part where she spews disjointed jargon in Congressional hearings. And the new inconvenient truth – successful terrorist attacks in four years under Obama is FIVE, and in seven years after 9/11 under Bush is ZERO.

Our True Enemy: Political Correctness

fotosinteresantes (CC)

fotosinteresantes (CC)

America has again had to face the reality of terrorism hitting our streets. The Boston Bombing was another wake-up call that we are under attack and the enemy walks among us, yet we are not supposed to admit who the enemy really is, at least not out loud.  We have a President who thinks that by ignoring the enemy, we will be a safer nation, like most of his other beliefs, he is totally wrong.


“I rise today to express grave doubts about the Obama Administration’s counter-terrorism policies and programs,” said the freshman congressman from Arkansas. “Counter-terrorism is often shrouded in secrecy, as it should be, so let us judge by the results. In barely four years in office, five jihadists have reached their targets in the United States under Barack Obama: the Boston Marathon bomber, the underwear bomber, the Times Square Bomber, the Fort Hood shooter, and in my own state—the Little Rock recruiting office shooter. In the over seven years after 9/11 under George W. Bush, how many terrorists reached their target in the United States? Zero! We need to ask, ‘Why is the Obama Administration failing in its mission to stop terrorism before it reaches its targets in the United States?’”      Congressman Tom Cotton


Here is a reprint of one of my first articles, it remains true as long as Obama is in office.

When I was a kid back in the 1950′s and 60′s I watched a lot of World War II movies, mainly because back then, all the movies that were on T.V. were from the 1930′s and 40′s and many movies from the 40′s were war movies. In the early 1960′s there were quite a few war movies produced, not on T.V. but in the movie theater. As you all know one of our foe’s during the war was Japan. Hollywood made no bones about putting down the Japanese soldiers and making fun of them whenever they could. I remember seeing pictures of the famous ToJo who was their leader at the time. All the pictures as well as the cartoons had him as a funny character with squinty eyes, glasses, buckteeth and mustache. The picture of him was everywhere and why not, he was our enemy. You see we hated our enemies back then.

Fast forward to present times. Remember September 11, 2001? Muslim radicals killed 3,000 Americans that day. That day we had a new enemy. Muslims. Not all Muslim people are bad, just like not all Japanese people were bad during W.W. II. However, something is different, now we are not allowed to say anything bad about our enemies. Even though Muslims attacked us and killed Americans, we cannot make jokes about them, draw cartoons about them, paint them in an unfair manner because that would be insensitive and might hurt their feelings. It is no wonder we are losing respect around the world. America is becoming a joke to the rest of the world. We have a president that will not call terrorist attacks a terrorist attack; we now have to call it man made disasters. Why? Because we might offend someone. We have an administration that refuses to admit we have a Muslim problem in the world. Just look at the Fort Hood shooting, look how many soldiers were killed, again by a Muslim, but it was not a terrorist attack, according to the Obama administration it was work place violence. If that was not so sad it would be laughable. It seems that we have to bend over backwards to please our enemies. God forbid we might offend them.

There, we have two generations with different enemies. One Japanese, the other Muslim. Who handled the enemy better? Well I’ll give you a hint. They were called the greatest generation. And they were too. I do believe we have lost all common sense in this country. We have come to a point where we have to treat our enemies like they are our friends, no matter what they do. God forbid we should hurt their feelings. The left just does not realize that ignoring terrorism does not make it go away, it just emboldens the terrorists and makes the situation worse. We should be allowed to hate our enemies, we should not be forced to make nice nice with people who are trying to kill us. Our true enemy is Political Correctness.

My latest book “What Kind Of Society Are We Leaving Our Kids”  Click Here


This is one man’s opinion.


ACRU Sues Two Mississippi Counties over Voter Rolls

FutUndBeidl (CC)

FutUndBeidl (CC)

WASHINGTON D.C. (April 26, 2013) — On behalf of the American Civil Rights Union, three former U.S. Justice Department attorneys filed lawsuits in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi seeking an injunction to compel election officials in Jefferson Davis County and Walthall County to clean up their voter rolls.

Like hundreds around the nation, these two counties have more active registered voters than there are voting age-eligible residents, according to data from the U.S. Census and state voter registration offices.

The lawsuit notes that Jefferson Davis County has 10,078 active voters but only 9,536 age-eligible citizens.  “More than 105 percent of living citizens old enough to vote were registered to vote in Jefferson Davis County in 2013,” the lawsuit says.

Walthall County has 14,108 registered voters but only 11,368 age-eligible citizens, which means that 124 percent of Walthall’s eligible voters are registered.

On behalf of the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) and its supporters in Mississippi, the lawsuits, filed by attorneys J. Christian Adams, former DOJ Voting Section Chief Christopher Coates and Henry Ross, also ask the court to order election officials to provide records and data for public inspection as required by Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), the “Motor Voter Law.”

The lawsuits are part of the ACRU’s Election Integrity Defense Project, among whose architects are Edwin Meese III, who was U.S. Attorney General under Ronald Reagan and a board member of the ACRU, and J. Kenneth Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State, who is on the ACRU’s policy board.

“We hope to get an affirmative ruling from this court, and then proceed to other counties that have irregularities,” said ACRU Chairman Susan A. Carleson. “The goal is to ensure the integrity of the voting process, without which we cannot continue as a self-governing nation.”

The Assault on Education!

romana klee (CC)

romana klee (CC)

I am coming up on my 500th radio show. Go Figure! I was looking back on the titles and content of the shows, I realized that one of the topics most discussed is education, not necessarily how good it is, but how our children are being taught contrary to the many of our basic beliefs and facts.

DISCLAMER! Read carefully before proceeding.
Not ALL teachers are doing this. Not all school districts are not doing this. Not all administrators are doing this. But, there are enough of them doing it that it should bother you.

When it comes to K-12, I believe our education system needs to get back to reading, writing, and arithmetic. That’s their job. Not social issues and not revisionist history.  On the social side we’re teaching topics such as, “How to put on a condom”, “What type of sexual situations are acceptable?”, “Religion: Myth or Truth”, “Do sports like dodge ball teach bullying?”

We are 47th in the world when it comes to math and science and we are worried that a child will not know how to use a condom. A side note here, a recent study showed teenage pregnancy and abortion rates are down, but it’s because of abstinence not condom usage. Go find that tidbit in the mainstream media. Sadly, abstinence is not usually taught in schools. It’s taught in churches, places of worship, and homes.
Your children are being taught that it’s normal to have sex at 12, 13, 14, and so on, as long as you have protection. Do you really think this is a lesson to be taught at school? Your children are being taught that all forms, types, and styles of sex are permissible as long as you are properly instructed in technique and safety. Do you think this is a lesson that should be taught in school?

Your daughter can be taken to Planned Parenthood for an abortion, off school property, without your knowledge. But if she has a headache, she has to suffer through because they can’t administer drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.) to her without your written permission. And if you send someone like grandma or grandpa to pick your child up from school and they are not on “the list” your child can’t go home with them. Hello? There is something wrong here.

Even one district that I’m aware of to-date teaches about “bestiality” because children may experiment with it and we need to make sure they know how to be safe in it. I wish I were kidding! And guess what parents? You can’t opt out!

When it comes to history we are in worse shape, from Columbus being nothing more than a mass murderer because of all the Native Americans he slaughtered, to the Pilgrims who were the first Mafia organization in America, to the Founding Fathers who were nothing more than old, white slave owners. Let’s reflect on that last one. When you tell young children that the Founding Fathers of this nation had money and were mostly white, religious fanatics who owned slaves, what impression do you think that makes on a young, impressionable mind?
Then you go on to teach things like how America, the bully, needlessly killed millions of Japanese, restarting WWII by dropping bombs on them just when the ware was coming to an end. Yes, that’s actually a chapter in a history book. In what time warp did that happen? Even today’s Japanese historians admit that the U.S. dropping those bombs saved millions of lives all over the world. But those in education that hate America in its current state won’t allow the facts to prevail. They know, like Hitler did, that if you indoctrinate the youth you can eventually change the country.

America is a great nation. America has stepped in to help many a nation on humanitarian causes; food, healthcare, disaster relief. Americans give more money to nations after a national disaster than all others combined.

We are told by many political experts that we should be looking for the good in nations and peoples. How about they start right here at home? America is the greatest nation on this planet. Yes, we have our flaws, but we are continually working to fix them. I can’t image being a citizen of any other country.

These are just a few examples. It can seem disheartening, but there is good news. It’s a common thread, when a parent got involved, things change. They checked their child’s backpack and regularly asked what they learned in school that day. Then they followed up with the school when something didn’t look or sound right.

The important thing, parents, is to stay engaged and involved in your child’s life more than just asking whether they did their homework or not. If you don’t like what you hear, call the school. If you don’t get the proper answer there, call the district office, go to a school board meeting, and like our Founding Fathers, never give up, never stop the fight. Our children are our future. You can and will make a difference.

Copper shortage to worsen

Those buying ammunition, air conditioners, building houses or other uses of copper have discovered that it is rapidly becoming a precious metal.

China’s economy is expanding at an incredible rate mainly due to the government propping up demand. Entire cities, large high-speed railway networks and other infrastructure projects are spending more copper than the world can produce all in the name of beating the U.S. at the economy game.

Copper is used in electrical wire, air conditioners, brass, bullets, and many more consumer products. A shortage is fueling increasing prices – whether the products are in higher demand or not.

As China accelerates, the world trembles. Thanks to weak economic policies from the United States, China can now be assured whatever it needs – no matter the cost to the global economy.

In the first half of this year alone, cooper demand is expected to outpace supply by 316,000 metric tons. The only reason copper prices may steady in the second half of this year is the American leadership’s inability to re-ignite the U.S. economy and the failing European Union.

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