Optimizing Your Dollar: It’s Not Used; It’s Retro

By | April 18, 2013

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One thought on “Optimizing Your Dollar: It’s Not Used; It’s Retro

  1. Jan Brown

    What a ‘fun’ post!! I’ve indulged my champange appetite on my cheap beer income for ages! A decade or so ago, before it was vogue or ‘retro’ when I was asked “where did I get my clothes” I always smiled & said “You just need to know where to look.” There was one high end shop. I’d buy from, wear the item for awhile, take it back for ‘credit’ or get a new(er) one.. They knew me so well that when they got something they thought I’d like, they called me!! Later on I actually managed a SA retail outlet. I left par of very paycheck there, but met some of the nicest people by the ‘discount rack”.

    I laughed out loud at the “not used, retro” line. My twin sister (I’m the smart one) that would never ever allow her children to wear ‘somebody else’s clothes called a couple of weeks ago to tell me she & her granddaughter had the ‘best’ time when they went “nickle dipping” at some local shops in Apple Valley…think of all the fun & bargins she’s missed over the years.

    This was a delightful commentary & a ‘relief’ from all the ‘uglies’ we’re confronted with. These ‘economical’ exchanges are helpful as well. One good idea is sometimes all we need to help us through rough times.

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