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2 thoughts on “Obama’s Weekly Address: Using Sandy Hook Victims For Propaganda

  1. tome

    I feel sorry for these people! But they are being used (Screwed) by the half white SOB. squatting in the White House. He does not give a shit about them! He is just using them for his purpose! If gun control would help thes mass murders I would be all for them. But look at the town Hussien Obama calls home! Chicago has the strongest gun laws in the land. But the highest gun crime in the land! Switzerland everyone owns a gun and the lowest in the world! I have owned guns for over 60 years and none of mine has killed anyone exept maybe a pistol that was stolen about 10 years ago. But he didn’t because he went to prison with in a couple days.

  2. Jan Brown

    Obama has worn this shirt until it stinks…& will continue until the next ‘crisis’ arrives with a new one. Without staging & a teleprompter , he is a big Zero whose shallow world begins & ends with himself. I sometimes think that his own insecurities are his driving force.

    I’m not sure why I feel it necessary to say what should be a given, “My heart goes out to these grieving families & the town. I can’t imagine what they feel. It’s difficult to lose a loved one at any age or time & this has to be many many time more difficult.”

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