Obama Won’t Confiscate Guns?? Are you Blind???

By | April 6, 2013

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4 thoughts on “Obama Won’t Confiscate Guns?? Are you Blind???

  1. Derrell Poole


    I believe the truth is most Americans DON’t know these things you speak of and they don’t WANt to know.

    We are in trouble because;

    A) We love complacency (it is just Sooooo stink-king easy and comfortable)

    B) Americans “love” and are addicted to Socialism and seem to be willing to sell out their individual rights if the government will just take care of “us” (* see comment below)

    C) Our government, generally in control of our educational system, has been busy for decades;
    1) at the very least, NOT teaching our children Constitutional Law and the First Principles enumerated in the contract between “We the People” and the Individual better known as the Declaration of Independence – that the SOLE purpose of any government is to protect Individual Unalienable Rights!
    2) At the very worst teaching our children that the Constitution is an outdated old fogy document that predates the modern enlightenment of Collective rights – that the purpose of all government is to “take care of the people” as a collective by professional or expert politicians – Tyrants – in such a manner as they deem necessary (since they are the experts) whether the people like it or not!

    Did you know that the United Nations does not recognize the right if the individual to protect himself? What other Unalienable Rights does the UN not recognize? You are absolutely right that once our Nation, as a FREE people, falls there will be no more allowance for the individual to exercise his Unalienable Individual Rights!!!

    No one can take away or grant to me my Unalienable Individual Rights so long as I am alive and so long as I am HUMAN (something that has already been called into question on various occasions…). They can ONLY restrict them by enslaving me!

    *and now this; I just heard that our Fraudulent President has cut Social Security. Well isn’t that interesting? The premier cornerstone of American Socialism is in trouble. Imagine that! Socialism doesn’t WORK and we don’t need to go to history or some foreign example for PROOF that it doesn’t work! At my very core I despise ALL of the Roosevelts, Woody Boy (Wilson), LBJ, Truman, Billy Boy (Clinton) and the current entourage of Criminal Traitors – my apologies if I missed anyone!

    And who am I? A nobody, uneducated, individual, with a brain, who simply sees the truth for what it is and who fully recognizes that Freedom Costs DEARLY!!

    It is worth it!


    1. Bob Russell Post author

      Derrell, I agree completely.

  2. Jan Brown

    You paranoid?? I sure hope not! If you are you have plenty of company…I believe that we have lifted the veils that stood between “real’ & ‘assumed” & followed it with taking personal responsibility to, in part, correct wrongs though informing others.

    DENIAL is a form of defense. It gives a comfort zone that is pleasant & doesn’t impose any ‘forced action’ & allows legislators to ‘handle’ our lives.(after all that’s why we have them) If you can’t see a problem, there is nothing to find a ‘fix’ for & allows travel on down the rose petaled path….Until it comes to a screeching halt…& it will. How much collateral damage not determined.

    Bob, you’re right about “as America goes”. Even with a disasterous economy & corruption & political disarray we are still the GREATST NATION IN THE WORLD & most countries look to us as a standard to be achieved.This is further validated by the deluge of immigrents (legal & Illegal) that are entering our borders. NOW is the witching hour & Americans must decide if it’s worth fighting for or give it away….No Action today equals NO AMERICA tommrrow.

    To thoes luxurating in Washinton…”LEAD OF GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY !!”

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