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Media Cancel AZ Rep’s Gay Son’s Interviews

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  1. Jan Brown says:

    Frankly “el” there is so little detail or ‘inside’ information given here that I can easily see several scenarios with regard to this situation. And I have seen what happens when one ‘assumes’…So I can’t decide if I admire or question your ability to come to a conclusion as to this Father’s wishes for his son….. One conlusion ‘might’ be that this is a solid relationship built on mutual trust, love & respect with an agreement ‘not to bash’ the others opinions. ..then, the father being in politics may know full well how media host once on air have often totally disregarded any previously agreed on program agenda…& the host has had a guest that ‘upstaged’ to present a personal agenda..

    A parent can love & want the best for a child without of approving of their every thought or deed..Most parents wear a sign that reads “perfection not required here”…then another.. might be that this young man wants nothing to do with his father’s political career….or..was taught that ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything’. There are just so many ways to see this.

    • Teresa Wendt says:

      Good observations Jan. Even with the Phx channel interview we don’t know this young man’s opinion. Obviously, the son is intelligent and would most likely have thoughtful answers to reporters questions. It is too bad the media choose not to even listen because he might not be in lock step with their agenda.

  2. el polacko says:

    it’s nice that this young man doesn’t want to publicly bash his father for his views but what sort of a father would want second-class citizenship for his child ? why wouldn’t he want the same legal protections for his son’s relationships as he would want for any of his heterosexual children ?

    • Teresa Wendt says:

      Thanks for your comments. In my opinion, this would have been a very good question to ask the son. Open discussion is always healthy. The question remains, why did the media choose to cancel rather than entertain such a dialogue.