Marathon bombing suspect killed other on-the-run after shootout

By | April 19, 2013

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One thought on “Marathon bombing suspect killed other on-the-run after shootout

  1. Jan Brown

    Yes, this was quite a week! While this was 24/7 on almost every channel & commanding (demanding) our attention be drawn to this terrorizing event. This is understandable..but…what else happened? Well, for one, Margaret Thatchers’ funneral had no repressentation by this country. This did not go unnoticed by one of the few countries that is a friend., A small Texas town was destroyed by an explosion, lives & homes lost.,..Harry Reid voted ‘no’ on the gun bill amendments so that it can be brought to the floor (when no one is Looking) The Band of Eight are still roaming the halls of Congress proclaiming that “Amenesty” is not forgivness of a crime because they choose to re-define the English language. And that because Rubio speaks a single dialect of Spanish he is an authority on immigration…While all eyes were on Boston several thousand more ‘crimminal’ trespassers entered the Country to set up shop & cells..This 24/7 vigil highlighted our single focus & weaknesses for all to see….While most of America was over anxious to latch on to ‘the’ answer & project theories. on this one event, without waiting for ALL the facts, we left ourselves wide open. Does anyone know who is to be Robert Muller’s replacement, has anyone been throughly vetted? The President made a promise of ‘all resources’ to Boston, will he do the same for West, Tx? Has he honored that promise to do the same to Hurricane Sandy victims?

    Additionally, after all was said in done last night, the President did not one time refer to the bombers as terrorist. He did ask that we be careful about singling out a particular group of people because of the crime of one or two….

    I’m grateful that I don’t have to personally know the hurt, terror & pain the peoiple of Boston have experienced & admire the way they handled it all, but it is only prudent not to allow tunnel focus open other doors to mayhem.

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