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Louisiana Teacher Unions: The Students Are Ours

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  1. IF teachers consider my child theirs that means we’re in the ‘custody’ part of a divorce. Are they prepared to accept full responsibility for the child both physical & financial providing food, shelter, clothing & insurance? I’ll do the nurture thingy. (that’s the fun part) Until this is settled I ‘assume’ we have shared custody & expect a child support check.

    Seriously, kudos Gov Jindal, let’s hope your action is contagious. (For all states with a governor’s election in the near future, this is a great place to stat vetting questions.

    • As stretched as it seems, I do think there are some in government who do believe children would be best raised by ‘experts’ and that parents should hand them over for rearing. Unfortunately, when we see the results of this nanny state mentality we see the children educated without morals and to the lowest common denominator.

      • Yes, Teresa, you’re right of course. And to be honest, some children might be better off with those that (actually care.) And.. I should’ve allowed for that. Our swelling welfare rolls are further proof that far too many don’t take responsibility for themselves, much less children. These people are not much more than “breeders” & fodder for government takeover. I am just so tired of having the Government’s boot on my neck while telling me “it’s for my own good” and see this as one more section of the highway to enslavement. I keep ‘hearing’ Hillary say “It takes a village to raise a child” & I keep saying back “Not if villagers are like you.” My children have given me great grandchildren, but homeschool is gaining ground. An educated population without moral values is a lost civilization.

        You seem so well balanced in your opinions I am almost envious

  2. Unions used to be a good thing. Not anymore. Now they want to make the rules about how things are to be run. Before they used to just help w/ getting raises.
    They have turned into flesh eating zombies. Teachers are becoming bazaar as to what they want to teach OUR kids. It seems that parents are letting that happen. If you don’t fight the system, our children will lose.

    • Agreed. Teacher unions were important at one point but today they seem to forget that they are employees of the taxpayers and they don’t own the rights to our children. But too many parents are willing to sit back and let schools/teachers feed and raise their kids. Unfortunately, it’s not benefiting the children.