Jay Carney: Obama ‘does not and cannot’ take position on Gosnell

By | April 15, 2013

Very interesting. Obama cannot take a position on the House of Horrors abortionist, but he has no problem inserting himself into other cases that are ongoing, such as the Trayvon Martin case.  The House of Horrors case does not fit his agenda, so he wants to be silent on the issue. Jay Carney simply calls the matter “unsettling”. Unsettling? That’s all you can conjure, Mr. Carney? Seriously? Yes, I understand, Mr. Carney. Mr. Obama is very clear where he stands on a woman’s “choice”.

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4 thoughts on “Jay Carney: Obama ‘does not and cannot’ take position on Gosnell

  1. Paul T. Leslie

    Well, our chief socalist can’t speak on this because of his base – and his ideals, both of which champion abortion and infanticide.

    That’s called “political expediency.”

    Knowing when life begins is above his paygrade, but it seems ending it is within his realm of expertise.

  2. Dot

    I hate to go this route, but if Gosnell was white and he treated Black women as he did, the President would be screaming from the rafters. As it is, he is Black, treated White women much better than Black women and gets a pass? Yes, hypocrite!

  3. Walrus

    What a hypocrite! If these babies had been shot, President Obama would be all over this story.

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