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6 thoughts on “It’s Cool To Be Un-American

  1. Jan Brown

    Goodness. Chris, you’re making me feel older than dirt, as, I, too, remember the times where God, Country & Family were the priorities….The McCarthy era ’rounded up’ most of the card carrying Communist,.. just not before they spawned another generation to march under the cycle & hammer. Hollywood is a melting pot of the insecure, so desparate for attention & acceptance there is no limit to what they will do or say to “belong”.
    There are few or no expectations to be met. There are no boundries (borders) to restrict behaviour. They are modern day ‘flower children’ frolicing in a version of Hyde Park…While I am disgusted by most of it, I remember…they act as they were taught..The best thing we can do is to TEACH OUR CHILDREN our history and instill moral values, guide them to again, put God, Country & family first…;;We don’t have to settle….so why do we?

    1. chris vaca

      Hi Jan, The values of the past seem to be non-exsistant today, what we were taught as kids, seem to be not the values of the kids today. Some where along the way they were lost.

      1. Jan Brown

        Oh, the ‘values’ exist today, they were just shoved aside by lack of stewardship a couple of generations ago. With reluctance, I admit that I was a part of the self indulgent of “I’m ok” & self help gurus in the ’70’s..We were so busy ‘doing our thing’ that we didn’t see the crumbs falling on the floor. But, Chris, even though I’m not a Polyanna, I believe that they can be found & enjoyed, just as the ancient treasures of the Incas are being ‘re’discovered. I just pray it doesn’t take as long. …We have two choices or chances to right the damage…I pray we make the right one…

      2. Gandalf

        We need to be willing to sacrifice our entertainment for the sale of our values. They destroy this country with the dollars we give them for their BOOKS/MAGAZINES, CDS/DVDS, MUSIC AND MOVIES! Find entertainment that is put out by people who have values like yours! If you don’t support them with your dollars they can spend those dollars on more destructive things.

        1. Gandalf

          Please excuse typos I am eating lunch while typing.

          in the beginning “sale” was supposed to be “sake”

          and in the end “can” was supposed to be “can’t”

  2. Jerry Peters

    Chris I agree, It turns my stomach every time I see a celebrity putting down this country after making millions of dollars. I think we should all chip in and get them tickets to the country of their choice, then we will see how fast they miss America.
    Great book by the way.

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