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Inundated! Video Shows Stream of Border Crossers

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A stay at home mom who runs a household, manages the finances, cares for a young adult autistic son, and cooks from scratch. Traveling from Arizona to Alaska summer of 2013. Visit my blog at http://ramblinroseaz.wordpress.com/ and follow along.

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  1. Has the Senate & House become “Paid Protection” for drug cartels, human smugglers, violent gangs & other undesirable criminal invaders? The reluctance to SECURE Borders (both North & South) would certainly make it seem so…it appears to pay them more than the ‘price of freedom’ laid down by our founding fathers & those that followed…well, maybe not. Maybe they’ve long lost interest & forgotten their pledges & are merly bidding time until retirement with full pockets or their pine box is ready. Either way they are WRONG. Perhaps they should be forced to pay restitution to all of those families that have lost loved ones & properities have been over run with destruction….

    Janet Noncompentano’s most recent (yesterday) use of ‘new’ electronic security took place about 250 miles east of El Paso, where the Rio Grande is about 18 INCHES deep. One the Mexican side, there is an almost abandoned village, the U.S. side “nothing'” One can walk across or pay to ride the 100 ft in a flat bottom pole boat… NOW the KICKER !!…There is NO border agent on site! there is a 5ft pole that you can ‘swipe’ your pass (???) & it is read in El Paso (200 miles) & verified electronicaly. If you don’t have one, just walk about 25′ east or west & skip the ‘swipe’….. WOW!!! They plastered it on TV & issued an invite to ‘come one, come all’….Tell me, how many would put up just a front door with out a house first???

    AMAZINGLY…this last week I asked about 50 conservaties (many stangers to me) If they felt secure & who had contacted a legislator. Almost all responded ‘no, not secure’, only about a dozen had contacted a Senator/Representative & only 7 had done so more than once…..Expressing outrage to the choir is a waste of energy. IF you really & truly feel passionate, start NOW call, fax, write not just your reprensentation, but other key voices AND this so called ‘gang of eight’. Don’t mince words or try ‘nice’, tell them “You are on (Our) payroll. SECURE THE BORDER..forget what Nappy & BabBam tell you. WE pay the bills!!