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3 thoughts on “Illegal Aliens and Amnesty By Dictate

  1. jdrebusayy

    Great post Jan! Amnesty is being shoved from the top down by eletist on a reluctant American people. The harder they try to shove it down our throats the harder we should fight back.

    Remember every politician in Washington DC also has local offices. And the college Republicans and every state has a Republican organization, call all of them, more than once. And post to conservative WEB sites and tell those who adore Rubio and Rand Paul that those guys are peddeling political suicide through amnesty.

    This is our home land lets fight to keep it! Never give up, never give in, never surrender!

    1. Jan Brown

      Thanks, or should I say ‘gracias”? Was at a fastfood place earlier this week (Long John Silvers) I gave her the number from the menu & asked ‘what sides do I choose from?” she just looked at me so I repeated it. She turned to another worked & spoke in Spanish & then the other in turn ‘translated’ for my transaction!!! Those coming to our States to have a better life have changed to those coming to take our life….but the GOP had better hire anew marketing manager if we’re to have a shot.

  2. Jan Brown

    Ben Franklin is credited with saying ‘Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt & vicious, they have more need of masters”…..and masters have slaves….Bob, you are absoutely right…this isn’t about fairness, it’s about taxpayers aka we the people buying a bigger boot so that ‘goverment’ can grind us down past our point of resistance. Perhaps. these illustrious employees of ours don’t really speak English??….Let’s ‘splain it to Lucy, Rubio & the super eight one more time…”Amnesty” is forgiviness of criminal acts….”Enforcement” prevents criminal acts…Immigration Law clearly, in English, states that ALL entering this County will have background checks & abide by the Laws of the Land (to include politicans)…We have established “Borders”for the same reason these bozos have doors & locks on their own homes…for SAFETY & SECURITY.

    For those upset citizens that ‘just agree’ with me & others that object to giving away our freedoms…take off the gloves…lead with your right & write non pc letters to your legislators TODAY…tommrrow the “Masters will have the keys”

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