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Humor and Irony Abound as Obama Offers Budget Advice

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  1. Arrogance or Ignorance?? Either way this bud wasn’t nipped & is in full bloom. If we can snip off the thones perhaps the pain will be bearable & not terminal. To do this we MUST control the Senate. To do this we all must get off of our collective egos & rears to vet & find replacements. There are 22 seats known to be open. Surely we can maintain what we have & gain just seven more!!! The good old boys may have to wait regrdless of how much you ‘like’ them…Like has nothing to do with it…SURVIVAL as a Nation DOES !! A ‘complete vettig’ of potential candidates can’t wait until 2014. Let’s Go back to grassroot groups that have proven power.Ie Texas’s Cruz Missle & Florida hit the Mark with Rubio are prime examples. There’s more gold in them thar hills, but you gotta pick around to find it.