How “Marriage Equality” Could Destroy Everyone’s Liberty

By | April 3, 2013

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One thought on “How “Marriage Equality” Could Destroy Everyone’s Liberty

  1. Jan Brown

    Well said, Liz….funny how some seem to think Constitution is like a loose leaf notebook that pages slip in & out at will…or that our Country’s beginings is ‘based on’ a freedom of religion, it(government) is not a religious organization& has no power to assign tennets of religious groups…. Just as my own begining is because of my Father & Mother relationship, I am separate from both..If government oversteps its assigned boundries & rules on this issue in favor of acknowledgement, we may all ask Chris where to get a good deal on a horse (I could use another tax deduction.)

    Life just isn’t fair…hmmm does the Constitution have a page on this as a right?

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