Gun Control And The Political Spin Machine

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  • Again, Bob, you lead with old fashioned ‘Common Sense’ & facts. Thank goodness for a voice of reason, all the ‘spin’ makes me dizzy (ier) & quesy.

    • thanks much. I try to enlighten but too few people read much of what I write. More people need to understand they are being led to slaughter by professional con artists. Many just don’t want to believe it can happen, even when they see it happening.

      • Denial is often the ‘first line of defense’for many & often it is easier to ‘avoid’ or ignore events of importance. Another form is to throw up arguements as a wall against accepting what is not understrood nor wanted. If you are strong in your sources & opinions, not to express them is worse than the risk of rebuke.

        • I have never been shy about voicing what I see as truth and try to have solid sources and common sense behind what I write. Some go for sensationalism and have suggested I do more of that but I am looking for a solid base that people can’t yank out from under me. Some try but their arguments don’t hold water because they are based on emotion or semantics rather than facts. Some can disagree with my take on a matter but it is very difficult to oppose me on the basis of fact. One of my articles a while back was roundly criticized by several people for my choice of words and punctuation used. When I came back and asked them to comment on the substance there was no further comment.

  • Thanks for the great explanation of propaganda, of which we have been victims. For a wry insight, visit

  • Excellent…