Gifford and family enjoy guns she wanted banned

By | April 19, 2013

Just last week, ABC News released video of Gabrielle Giffords watching her husband shoot the same gun that injured her last year.

Mark Kelly enjoys shooting his Glock 9mm handgun, the same firearm used to injure his wife in 2012.

While Mr. Kelly’s firearm only has a 17 round magazine at the time the video was shot, it would still have been banned under the Democratic party’s proposed legislation. The same ban Gabrielle Gifford hypocritically expressed anger at not having been passed.

The ban that failed the Senate would have limited Gifford’s husband to 10 rounds. For some reason, Gabby doesn’t seem to mind her own family possessing magazines she feels the average citizen should not own.

If eleven rounds is too many, then why is her family entitled to use magazines that hold seventeen?

The hypocrisy is too much to bear. If the only way gun owners are to buy the guns the way the manufacturer makes them is to be related to a Congressional member, elitism is our near future.

If it is good enough for thee, it is good enough for me.

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3 thoughts on “Gifford and family enjoy guns she wanted banned

  1. Paul T. Leslie

    “Hypocrisy” is certainly an accurate description of every one of these elitists who have no concern for the individual rights of others.

    Beyond the issue of trying to undermine the Constitution, progressive democrats are harping on the theme of “protecting our children.” The fact that Gifford’s husband not only has a high capacity semi-auto pistol, he was outed when buying what the anti-American cabal calls “assault rifles.”

    So, the liberals’ hypocrisy is shown to be of the lowest order – the cynical use of children (including the victims and their families) to promote their own political agenda – disarming free people.

    1. granny

      You are right. Hypocrites. Its the old “don’t do as I do, do as I say”. Which describes the politicians in the WH also.

  2. Jan Brown

    It is sadly obvious that Gabby Gifford has a child like capability now even after having a miraculous survival.And that she is totally dependent on her ‘loving’ husband. Perhaps he misses the celebrity status of an astronaught OR perhaps he has an eye on a political career of his own. He certainly seems in campaign mode & intent on being very visible (helpful) in Obama’s choreography of events…..Both sides.. of Markie’s mouth seem t indicate this possibility.

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