Gallup pushes socialist agenda in survey

By | April 21, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Gallup pushes socialist agenda in survey

  1. Seipherd

    In many ways, socialism is all about coveting other people’s money for your own benefit — something that is counter to one of the 10 commandments that Social Conservatives are supposed to be all about. But not…

    Apparently, it’s OK to ignore some that are convenient to your ‘needs’. Minimally, its best not to bring it up — best keeping this sort of extreme stuff like not coveting other people’s wealth to your self.

  2. Jan Brown

    It’s no wonder so many ‘politicans’ are so quick to avow that they don’t pay attention to the polls….They know that poll results are meant to influnce the otherwise UNinformed…those who can’t be bothered to do their own thinking…

    We don’t know what region they are taken in or how many of different parties are represented. 50 in Maine will answer differently than 50 from Alabama.

    I’ve been ‘polled’ three times in recent years. Gallup’s 1st question asked which party I was registared with. As soon as I said Republican, it was a quick “thank you” & quickly hung up, Quinnipac asked ‘a whole bunch’ of questions. MANY of which could have varying indications to be translated ‘later’. Another poll asked a lead question followed by one on my views on Pro-Choice. When I said, “I don’t believe in murder at any of life’s stages” They simply hung up….

    We know these polling organizations don’t work for ‘free’ so we have to consider WHO’S writing the check….

    Speaking of ‘propaganda machines’ the GOP better revamp & raise the volume on theirs…’cause Bama is drowning it out….

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