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3 thoughts on “Florida Store Owners busted in huge Food Stamp Scam

  1. granny

    Why would a clerk benefit from that transaction. Only the store owner would benefit. He would have more people coming to the store, which equals more sales for him. Am sure that this happens elsewhere, but an educated person would realize that the FBI would come knocking. Someone will talk eventually on any kind of scam.

    1. Jan Brown

      Granny, your problem is that YOU MAKE SENSE…& REACH A LOGICAL CONCLUSION…In this particular case, I beieve the ‘clerk’ to be related to the owner.IN general, a clerk probably doesn’t benefit but they may see the job as temporary & fill in or they work because the must but couldn’t care less as long as they get paid. It can be a pretty dangerous job & horrid hours so the ‘willing’ employees are in short supply.

  2. Jan Brown

    After you pick your chin off the floor and/or utter a couple of profanities…know this is far from isolated. It happens nation wide on a daily bases in one form or other. Abuse of the SNAP program begins with the applicant AND clerk that processes it without due diligence. What can you do? Make a phone call to your local office, speak to a manager/supervisor & report the store you suspect, In most cases you donn’t have to even give your name. (yes, I have done it & an investigation was made..out come unknown)

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