EU goes Marxist, little opposition from citizenry

By | April 14, 2013

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One thought on “EU goes Marxist, little opposition from citizenry

  1. Jan Brown

    “Champange appetites on a beer income” may be the ‘plan’, but what to do when the keg runs our & grapes dry up ???
    Surely, we’re (entitled) to the bubbly..

    The dismal results of ‘shared wealth’ is in front of us (& the world) daily…and still the UN is encouraging adoption of a shared currency…sheer lunacy is the only reason to even allow it in conversation…It would seem that many Americans have the impression that Europe is a small town in the next State or County over from our own…& not our problem…

    As my pappy used to say “Just because someone else thinks it’s smart to jump off the cliff does not mean you have to.” In other words “think for yourself”

    The United States of America is a leader, NOT a herd of sheep following the bell of destruction hung on the neck of Europe….Let’s keep OUR sheppards on the look out for wolves

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