Caring or Abuse? A Case Goes to Court.

By | April 10, 2013

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One thought on “Caring or Abuse? A Case Goes to Court.

  1. Jan Brown

    First, let me say, “NEVER doubt a mother’s instinct” I have no doubt that the figure of 200 students have succumbed to abuse. Just ‘try’ to imagine how many live & carry the unspeakable scars. There is a ‘nice’, rather affluent small town in West Texas that is now procecuting a ‘special ed’ teacher from a rated school for physical abuse. Interesting is that this was brought to light because a 3rd grader that live 2 houses down from the ‘special’ child saw Ms____yank the girl’s arm & shove her in the line going inside…Even at this tender age, she knew it wasn’t right & told her own Mom…she had the courage to speak up…as did her mother..We need to all be more deligent & responsible. Wrong is wrong, without regard to ‘whose’ child it is or how old.
    Teresa, you’ve said what a blessing your son is, I’m sure that’s true as is that you are a blessing to him & many. Your sharing helps keep us connected with realities. Thank you

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