California paper goes after Texas Governor on regulation – gets it wrong

By | April 27, 2013

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6 thoughts on “California paper goes after Texas Governor on regulation – gets it wrong

  1. Ronni

    Kudos to Governor Perry! Though not a Texan I respect anyone who stands up to the Left and call them out for their evil doings.

    If California keeps going as it is its going to be stiff competition for Sodom and Gomorrah at the Judgment.

  2. Jan Brown

    Ya know, Steve, anyone that can be so flipant & disrspectful about the deaths of 10 First Responders & 5 other hard working Americans really should be sentenced to a life in a place known to most often be removed from reality. Keep in mind that YOUR tax dollars paid for regulations & oversight of them at a Federal Level. We lost a way of life that is only found in small town, USA. Along with lifetime friends & neighbors that we shared backyard cook outs, ball games, birthdays & sang with in the Choir on Sunday mornings. Children lost their fathers. Fathers lost children…Sleep brings nightmares instead of peace.

    So, Steve & others that my actually share your feelings, go ahead…enjoy a lifetime with a Govenor called ‘Moonbeam” & I pray that a horror such as this is never a part of it.

  3. Steve

    I’d still rather spend a lifetime with no a/c in California than a week in El Lamo Texas! Thought they were going to secede…?

    1. Ronni

      I hope you remember these words when the state slips into the Pacific.

  4. OldmanRick

    It is CA – home of the overtaxed, land of the uninformed, and supporter of the illegal, gimmedat crowd. It may also be suggested that IL, NY, and NJ are mirror images.

    1. Ronni

      How right you are about NJ which is why my dream is to get outta here. Like I always say; the only reason NJ hasn’t been swallowed into the Atlantic is because it leans so far Left.

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