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Background Check Filibuster Fakeout?

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  1. Erin, you’re really on top of this & have presented it so that ‘anyone’ can understand. The Sandy Hook tragety record is being played & tarnished by the Administration. Yet, where is the voice of objection from “Conservaties”? The GOP must get a new marketing director if any political headway is to be made and vet only candidates with the intestional fortitude to stand on principal..and not suffereing on ‘cave-inites’. The ‘old guard’ has us on the bottom rung of the ladder & it’s breaking…

    Another ‘angle’ on Rand Paul’s fillibuster…was it his failure to ‘lead’ others to join…or…to garnder the spotlight & support in 2016? Either way, he did an excellant job of laying it all out with courage & conviction that other would do well to copy. Although you are ‘right on’ about the media. They would’ve been giddy with the chance to futher ridicule the Rpublicans again.

    Always enjoy your opines

  2. The 42-year-old driver has been arrested and charged under the new anti-rape law. This is an another shameful incident that has happened in the national capital.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Erin. You’re right on top of it.