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At What Cost America?

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  1. I suspect that the emotions & thoughts expressed by both you & your father on 9/11 are shared by many. Your father is right, we now have a nation of paranoia…sadly much of it’s justified. My own anger was such that I’m glad I wasn’t in a position of power, as I, also might have REacted with some knee jerk idea. Even..IF….I said, IF the rush to war, patriot act etc were done with a good intent, it should have been obvious that all the band aids in the world will not protect this huge gapping sore we now have. Fear, desperation & poltical greed have been dumped on an entire nation….seemingly with little resistance. It is that apathy that scares me. I cannot understand how anyone can be publicly stripped naked of their rights & march towards what is surely slavery.

    I will keep beating the drum, with hopes that a leader will emerge from the wilderness & dance.

    I have to admit I’m caught up in some of this ‘green’ movement & am really working to Re-cycle Congress in 2014

    • Hi Jan,
      Thank you for the comment!

      It is completely understandable that our citizenry was, after 911, and today even, frightened, and a bit paranoid about the potential for more terrorist attacks – even though, that is precisely what the terrorists want. But, we, as average citizens, have no real power over our fellow citizens. But, when the Government acts out of paranoia, or purely out of political expediency, then, the potential for real tyranny, and a rogue Government increases, exponentially.

      The key element, here, is to demand that our Federal Government provides for our security in a Constitutional way, so that we don’t lose our Liberties, altogether, in the vague search for absolute security.

  2. How we all feel safer.