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Anti-PC subject matter leads to threats against professor

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One comment

  1. Isn’t it amazing?

    I “think” (an act, which is as politically incorrect as spanking your children – teaching them that actions are inescapably connected to consequences) we are about to be swept away by a title wave of stupidity!

    “…they don’t know who to turn to, they don’t know where to go, unless you tell them what to think, they don’t know what they know…”

    {Jonestown, Mexican Moon, Johnette Napolitano, Concrete Blonde, 1993, (Matthew 7:15)}

    I think (again, shame on me!) the most dangerous assault a free society can face is a mass of undisciplined stupidity!! And I submit that all of these people could not think their way off of an escalator! I’ll bet (in all seriousness) every one of the signers of the petition have high I. Q.s but are consistent Dope-Smokers with an inability to actually reason! Broken BRAINs to the last one!

    This kind of thing makes me sick!

    I may or may not agree with someone nor do I claim to not make mistakes but I will respect your opinion if it is clear to me that you have actually come to your reasons on the basis of sound logic and natural law – you cannot drop an apple and expect it to fall “UP”!!!