Reuters publishes errant obituary of progressive hero George Soros

By | April 19, 2013

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2 thoughts on “Reuters publishes errant obituary of progressive hero George Soros

  1. Jan Brown

    What !?! No mentioned how he saved his own life by betraying his own family in a Nazi Concentration Camp..tsk tsk..Yes, he is living as of 2008 it was just outside of Mexico in an area that is landmarked with the homes of at least 9 American millionaires. His business ‘dealings’ with Chavez indicate at least 2009.

    Was this published ‘inadvertently’ or due to some American Patriot’s wistful thinking aligned with my own?

  2. granny

    Hilarious. Whoever came up w/ that needs to be congratulated. Hope they save the obit.

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