A fractured party is a losing party

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  • Josh, it’s clear that you “get it!” The GOP is rapidly losing the “Grand” party. The definition of Republican seems to be in flux & all over the place. We tend to ‘label’ everything & everyone. For instance, if I call myself ‘a conservative’ does that mean (unless) we see eye to eye that you aren’t one, & we can’t be friends?…At this rate perhaps we should all have aka sur names …We have some very good people just waiting for leadership…We must have the declared Republicans, the Libertarians, the Independents, John Birchers & Tea Party set adside egos ,reconize that this is OUR Country we’re talking about & not Burger King & while your way may want onions, you can get a darn good burger without them…Just take some issues where agreement is found & BUILD on that. United we stand…divided the Democrates rule…

    Local GOP heads are as career oriented as some of Congress. This must change! ie: In my county the same person was chairman for at least 20 yrs. Her replacement was her BFF & she is still running the show. …this stymies progress. This is NOT unique’ & is found at the National Level as well. We MUST have more unity & a NEW markting prograqm…We need to all grab a broom, sweep out the stale left overs & define our direction & all get on the same train (we can ride in different cars if w stay connected)