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Why amnesty for illegal aliens MUST be stopped

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  1. Something critical which this discussion doesn’t seem to consider is the CHILDREN of those immigrants: while their parents’ status may be legal or illegal, the children born in the U.S. *are* citizens.
    Since “self-deportation” clearly is not a workable option (like it or not), the GOP MUST chose to reach out to the immigrants in this country, with its strongest tool for doing so being the creation of a viable path to legal residency in this country. If not, then the CHILDREN of these immigrants will BY DEFAULT be pressed into the camp of the Democrats, since the GOP will be continuing to deny that these people should be here at all.

    Whether Hispanics in particular are “natural conservatives” or “natural progressives” can be debated. From a practical standpoint, however, I would MUCH rather be in a position to try to win over the hearts & minds of immigrants to a conservative viewpoint, beginning with a meaningful resolution to their legal status. To ignore this IS to expect that we WILL end up deporting them….or else seal the GOP’s fate as a washed-up power on the national political scene.

  2. With the possible revision of the ‘processing’ aspect, there is NOTHING WRONG with our Immigration LAWS as written… What is wrong is NOT ALLOWING law enforcement to ENFORCE it…”Ike” brought people together, he saw the job drain & Americans coming home from war could not find work. 1953 brought us his “Operation Wetback” (not a slur, reference to Rio Grande river) It would be a big help IF we had leadership, but BEFORE anything is done Our borders MUST BE SECURE!! Here are some dollar figures that if anyone needs it, sources are available. Welfare=$11-22 BILLION a year,Food Stamps, WIC free lunches $22 BILLION, medicaid = $5 BILLION, education (inc. bilingual teachers)=$12 BILLION,Incarciration (jail)+$3 Million plus…..IF we foolishly grant amnesty, what would make this burden any less?….Nothing!!!

    Now if the reasons that ZM & these finances don’t provide you with a reason to help stop this madness, consider that 75-100 legal Americans are victims of violent crimes daily!! The Drug Cartels have meshed totally into the gangs like M-13 & are in almost Anytown, USA…maybe yours??? Texas, alone, in 2007 had 7200 Sex Offenders in prison…..

    Give Rubio et al, credit for trying to tackle a rough, touchy issue, but please STOP AMNESTY’ there is already a ‘path to citizenship’, let the focus be there & only there.

    • Related point: there’s a court case in the news this week, about Houston wanting to ONLY provide ballots in non-English languages on request (rather than mailing 4-5 different versions to ALL voters, automatically).
      Silly me, didn’t the Naturalization rules say one has to be conversant in English before one can become a citizen? So why do we have to print ballots in ANY other language, EVER?
      If we give up on assimilation, on expecting ALL citizens to be functionally literate in ENGLISH, then we are giving up on the concept of “America as melting pot” and giving in to the proponents of “multiculturalism” – and giving up on a truly distinctive America as the land of the free.

  3. The elephant in the living room is Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Family Reunification Act. Legals are abusing this (personal observation), so you know the “new” Americans will do the same.

    The Act allows the Newbies to bring over mom and dad and all the other “close relatives”. If they are of retirement age, they immediately go on Social Security. If they are disabled, they immediately go on SSDI. None of them have paid a penny into the system. Next the politicians will say they have to raise SS taxes as the fund is running dry earlier than expected.

    • Please remember, SS benefits are based on one’s lifetime earnings in the SS system, and ONLY begin if/when one has earned 40 “credits” (essentially, 10 years of working in the US). So parents of immigrants do NOT qualify for standard SS benefits.
      There are OTHER reasons to be concerned, just pointing out that THIS argument won’t wash.

      • Thanks for your comment. As a contract programmer, I have worked throughout the US as well as overseas via US companies. Any time that I talked with those foreign-born who have become citizens, one of the first things brought up was how they got some parent(s) over here and on Social Security. (It was in “this is a great country” context, not how they screwed us.). When I brought up your point, they clammed up.

        I guess I will have to dig into the details of the Act, but after seeing US workers run out of unemployment and easily sign up for SSDI, I have to wonder if that 10-year provision is even considered when it comes to immigrants.

  4. Why can’t we use the same tactics that Eisenhower used in the fifties to send illegals home?