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The Unspoken Ghosts of Irish-Americans

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  1. Jan, what is the source of those photos, particularly the emaciated men?

  2. Nah, the Irish aren’t consciously focusing on the future, they just naturally forget the past once things are good. No force on Earth could make the Irish give up Catholicism, but they’ve been happy to give it up themselves once they gained TEMPORARY prosperity. Dublin is full of girls pushing around cafe au latte colored babies. The Irish don’t even care about being a people anymore as long as they can drink and watch sports. If Ireland is to be saved, it will be by the bell not by any efforts of their own. Only poverty will save them from Third World Immigration and their own self indulgence.

    • Jaego, no society is perfect nor will one ever be. If you live in one that is, do share.

      The moral of this story is, Americans don’t hear a whimper from the Irish about their horrendously oppressive pasts, while others, even today, work overtime wallowing in old pasts as if they were some unique exception when they were not. Worse yet, those undying legacies are fed to keep hate alive and there’s not one good thing about that. The decision to handle one’s history, whichever way it may be, is a result of personal character. Common sense dictates which of the two is healthier and most admirable.

      • No Society is perfect? Well duh. But at least one can expect a Society not to turn against its own people and bring in hordes of aliens. Yet every Western Nation is doing just that. One might hope that the Irish would know all about being invaded, but they are no smarter than anyone else despite their history. Evidently, only in Traditional Culture are the stories really passed down and absorbed. And the Irish rejected that hands down. Even some of the Revolutionaries wondered if it had all been worth it as the watched Ireland just become a little England.

        The attempt to change to Gaelic was a total flop – very few cared at all. Now contrast this with Israel which got everyone speaking Hebrew. That’s the pride which builds Nations and maintains them as well. The Irish have none of this. Their pride was all of a reactionary nature, not something positive in itself. Again, it’s not that they’re worse than the rest of the West, just that they’re no better – and they should be. But they’ve swallowed the same politically correct swill and feel that Whites don’t have a right to their own Nations. And yes Virginia, you have to be White before you can be Irish.

  3. Good work..and a lot of it. Very interesting & informative. I admit I seldom stop of think just how much the Irish have influnced our culture thanks

    • Thank you, Jan. I was surprised to learn the intensity of Irish sufferings. How the Irish have overcome theirs _should_ be an outstanding example for others today.