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Unemployed illegal granted deferred action for playing Xbox

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One comment

  1. It sounds as though poor Munoz & his family were forced into the ‘shadows’ coming out in the open just long enough to get food stamps,WIC, free lunches, substidized housing allowances, free education & medical care to the tune of $56+ BILLION ANNUALLY of legal citizen’s tax money..Oh yes, some also vote!!!…would sure like to follow this 25 year old& see ‘what’ kind of job he’s qualified for.

    On jobs….We have large numbers of American Citizens with limited education that are out of work, yet these jobs are being done by ‘illegals’. Pew Hispanic Foundation reported a few years ago that the ‘summer jobs generaly held by students were decreasing about 10% each year, due to this influx of undocumented, non-citizens (criminal trespassers)that speak little or no English, have no idea what the Constitution is or laws of the land….High UN-employment rates was the provacation that Pres. Esienhower begin deportation through the infamous “Operation Wetback” in 1953 (name is not a slur,but reference to the Rio Grande river) “Ike” backed all law enforcement, secured borders & in a mere 4-6 months deported approx SIX MILLION & estimated an additional million self deported . With the advances in technology there is NO reason similar actions cannot be undertaken now. (Except that all the spines have left Washington & taken leadership with them) AMNESTY IS A JOKE being played on American Citizens. IF we allow Amnesty of any form before CONTROLLED BORDERS (not according to Janet Incompento & ilk) the , my fellow Americans WE BECOME THE WILLING VICTIMS…The Laws are already in place…let’s demand they be used..seriously, if we don’t we lose them…Please, do al you can to slam the door shut & STOP AMNESTY!!

    Chris, again, thanks for addressing this issue.