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3 thoughts on “Too Many Battles, Not Enough Bible

  1. B

    Good article, I would have liked to have seen the question/answer type of thing, they could have even had questions submitted through social media and wrapped that into this miniseries, which would have been even more exposure.

    One thing to point out for accuracy though, Moses was not able to enter the promised land because he struck the rock with his staff instead of speaking it, not because he broke the tablets in righteous anger.

    1. Michael R Shannon

      I should have double-checked that, like I did with Caleb. Thanks for the correction, now I’ve got to fix my own site…and this one.

      The social media idea is a good one, too.

      1. B

        No worries, I had just read that on and so it was fresh in my mind.

        I emailed the History channel with your suggestions, hopefully they take interest?

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