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The Phony White House Charm Offensive

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  1. Obie, Obie, Obie…

    I asked someone very much like you once why you had to use deceit to get what he wanted? The smart person might have questioned my assumption that they were being deceitful in the first place. But not this one. He answered without hesitation, “Because I can’t get it any other way.”

    This is all this FRAUDulant President knows how to do! We as a Nation are STUPID for putting up with this!

    Calvin, where are you when we need you?

  2. “FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED” Not even the ‘boy who would be king’ believes that this is anymore than foreplay to back stabbing & deciet. IF EVER there was a time to MAKE SURE your legislaters DON’T PLAY this is it…& to beware of stangers bearing gifts. (Obama is strange as they come) Our employees need to get out in front & specifically INFORM the voters what their plan(s) are & leave the ‘generalites’ to Obama. 2014 is looming & it’s prime time to re-set the rules to ‘we the peoples’ business & let them know who’s boss.