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Sequestration 101: The Sky Is Not Falling

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  1. “It’s just dumb” I agree with Obama!?! (The next ‘blue moon’ is light years away)It is also not excusable…The immaturity level of legislators is only surpassed by their greed & corruption.Machiavilli would be proud of ‘this crop’ of egos…’We the people’ are NOT..The majority of them have been in their comfy nests so long they’ve become ‘minions’ of their own egos & adgendas…Maxine Waters quote in the post is clear evidence that the voters are not the only uninformed. I’d lay odds that some can’t even spell ‘sequestration’…We’ve repeated ad noseum “we hired them, we can fire them” BUT WE HAVEN’T!!! The ‘good ole boys ‘n girls still ride….like it or not, there is a huge divide between “us & them” So we can sit & pay them to play with our lives or we can stop payment on their checks in 2014..give more than lip service to these elections or you’re part of the problem. This can be done!!! Texans have added to their motto “Don’t mess with Texas…We have a Cruz missle” He was an underdog & counted on ‘nobody’s like me’ to get involved. Just as there is no zero in our budget base, there is zero reason each of us can’t contribute to the solution