Sen. Graham Backs Radical Obama Judicial Appointment

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  • WE all need to get close to GOD and pray for his strength and forgiveness

  • Halligan is just another ‘manisfastation of the disease’ that is rampant in Washington. With a Supreme Court ‘seat’ expected to open us soon (Gingsberg) this is the next step to having ‘one of theirs’ avaiable just as Sotomeyer was. She fits Obama’s mold to a ‘T’….Immigration is a far more visual issue with much stronger election ties…while ‘compromise’ is desirable & can be done without forfiet of principel, it has become ‘principel be damned ! I want to win” & soul selling. Graham & McCain have been playing one ups man with OUR interst & sold their souls, Flake is ust that. IF EITHER OF THESE SENATORS are up for re-election I’LL BE HAPPY TO WORK FOR THEIR CONSRVATIVE AMERICANS running AGAINST THEM. And will reach across state line to do so.