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SCOTUS Hearing on Obama Eligibility: 14 Congressman served subpoenas

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  1. Back during Obama’s first term there was talk about “nullifing” his Presidency. Nullifing his presidency would kill every single thing he had done during his first term. Every bill, every Presidential Directive, every Executive Order would be nullified or reversed, made no more. ObamaCare would be dead! I just don’t know what the rules say about what would happen to the money like the “stimulus”. I think that money has been borrowed from the Chinese. The problems from these mens’ action to allow someone who was not lawful to run as a candidate are huge!

    See, this has never happened to our government before and no one really knows what to do. The Constitution doesn’t even cover something like this. It gives no solutions to what would happen if someone is found to be illegal as President. Our forefathers relied on us to not ever let something like this to happen, because if we did that would be the end of the country, Constitutionally. The government would never be trusted ever again. The men who we send to Washington would need to be vetted to the point where if you didn’t send one of our own relatives, no one would be chosen to be a representative. You would never vote for someone you didn’t know. Or something like that. I don’t know what would the Blacks would do if Obama was to be arrested and imprisoned for treason and fraud, and along with the Democrats and Republican’s who did this. When proof is shown to them what will they do? The only thing I can see is, they would not riot, they would go to WAR!

    • WillofLa, these are truly the “times that try men’s souls”. By nature, we fear what we donot know. “Fear” can be a safety alert only if it isn’t all consuming & inhibiting rational thinking…The fear you express is very real & I believe, very justified…This is uncharted teritory…Our Nation is divided in ways never before imagined…You are right when you say “no one knows” & that’s scary…I believe this is the time we must replace ‘fear’ with ‘faith’…Our Constitution has served us well and we do have a few in DC now that will stand strong…if we stand with them…united in cause & love of our land…A note of encouragement need not be limited to your own state’s legislators. Reach out to others in your community that share your concerns & reinforce each others strengths & faith. Together you may have the answers so many of us are looking for. We can only ‘imagine’, not know what tomorrow holds & it’s vry easy to let anticipation become anixety that makes us ineffective…..Hang on to the truths now, there will be time for dispair if needed. Our Country need help & you re the kind that she’s counting on.

  2. What I’m afraid of is the fact the we actually had representatives who would do this with no regard for the Constitutional crisis that (will) occur if and when the American people realize what’s been done to them and our right to vote. And it will be very destructive to our right to vote more than the bogus defence the Socialist Democrats put up whenever a picture I.D. is mentioned by Republican’s. That is nothing compared to what they have done to the right to vote, and it may not even have anything to do with the right to vote then it does to the election process we depend on so much to put the men into office we regard as those who will defend the Constitution. Obama has said he does not regard the Constitution as viable because of the way it treated Blacks early on after it’s radification. He really doesn’t give a dang about Blacks, unless that is, you are talking about Africaner’s. He could care less about Black American’s even though he was a “community activist” in Chicago with ACORN. You notice that as soon as he graduated from Harvard with his law degree he never returned to ACORN like he promised he would. Instead he went on to run for political office where he could ply his Communist agenda to “fundementally transform” America.

    I fear the men who would think that it was okay to run him as a candidate and did whatever they needed to do in order to get him elected. You notice that as soon as it looked like Hillary was about to beat him as the Democrat Party pick, he had one of his little “chats” with her and when she emerged from this meeting she stepped down from the race. That really angered alot of women who had done alot of work for her in order to get her elected. All that for nothing. And Obama had a clear run at the Presidency with George Soros behind him. And on top of that as soon as I heard George Soros say that he wasn’t going to back Hillary, but instead back Obama I knew that we were looking at a scam and a fraud.

    And why wouldn’t he let anyone say his middle name? Because it sounded to much like the names of Islamic terrorists American’s were now used to hearing.

    We don’t have any trust left in our ability to get rid of someone who we know is corrupt in office anymore due to what these men did in order to get Obama elected, and then what’s worse they got him re-elected for a second term.

    Who are these men? What is their agenda? Is it the same as the Communists? And the truth of the matter is we’ve been under a Communist governance ever since the end of World War II when Roosevelt brought in many and planted them in the State Dept., and their numbers have grown ever since. Now they have taken over the Democrat Party. And wait until the people find out that their precious Nancy Pelosi has been a member of the Socialist Democratic Party and is not for a long time now been a Democrat.

  3. Willofla asked a great question! This is uncharted territory for many of us with a ton of questions…..I suspect..that these people thought ‘some one else’ had vetted him & were just were too caught up in their own agenda to take the time to check anything for themselves. Leaving imortant tasks for’someone else’ is bridge to disaster…The false identity was well planned & laid out years earlier…just in case someone did get off their rear & check. Obama spent several millions to block inquires that including the purchase of greedy people along the way…There is plenty of blame to go around….let’s hope a true & honest decision will prevail.

  4. I’m ignorant to the procedure that would be followed, but who would be on the committee that is made up of Republican’s and Democrat’s that either accept or reject an applicant for President that agreed to “accept” Obama knowing full well that he did not qualify to be a candidate for President due to his birth, and background being a Communist, but went ahead and accepted him as a candidate anyway because he was picked by Ted Kennedy and was a hard core Black activist from Chicago with a very dark background?

    Are these representatives who are getting these questionaires, on that committee, and would be purgering themselves by denying they okayed Obama to be a candidate, and knew he wasn’t a American citizen? My point is, what representatives knew he wasn’t a citizen, and signed off on him becoming a candidate and were primary participants in the coverup? These guys who are being sent this questionaire? Who else is involved? And how high does it go? I don’t care that Bush may have been involved, he’s in enough trouble as it is being the part of the economic problems we are having now by being the one who first signed the TARP document when he knew good and well he didn’t have to, and it was a scam made up just to cover Bernecke, Frank, Dodd, and the whole host of others who were behind the Freddie/Fannie debachal.

    Just as Obama is a fraud, his whole campaign, his whole presidency, and the establishment of a government that is illegal, and that is the worse part of it all and that is our entire government is illegal right now. America is in very deep trouble. If anything were to happen we would all be responsible for the outcome.

    No wonder the Obama administration doesn’t want a budget. It would be illegal, and as it stands right now everything Obama has done has been illegal, and HE KNOWS IT!!

  5. Orly, you are a true ‘truthseeker’! God be with you every step you take!