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10 thoughts on “Republican Congressmen Want Answers On Benghazi

  1. L.E. Liesner

    We keep hearing about these Republican Congressmen and Senators wanting answers, well quit preaching to the choir and do something about it. Hell we haven’t got answers to “Fast and Furious” yet, and nothing is being done about it except lame threats. With the Benghasi thing, there are not even threats only rhetoric. Obama and his administration sit back and smile, because they know that there is not enough backbone in the House or Senate to get tough and get the answers. Stop talking and start manning up!

    1. Bob Russell Post author

      The traitor john Boehner doesn’t want answers to come out. I would bet he is up to his eyeballs in his or they have enough on him to keep him in place.

      1. Jan Brown

        I’m no fan of Bohner, but this connection must have slipped by me. What do you think his involvement is?

        1. Bob Russell Post author

          I don’t know that Boehner is involved but when he goes to such extreme measures to insure facts don’t come out it makes me wonder. Who is he protecting? Himself, the republikrat party??? Why would he go to such measures to protect Obama?

          1. Jan Brown

            I don’t know that he’s (not)covering up. I was asking because I’ve heard from you & others an indication he is, but never any specifics,…I, have, since before he was speaker thought of him as lazy or dead fish that punched his time card ‘just enough’ to get paid or the go along get along type. (the good bartender type)He’s an albatrose around the GOP…but then he has a lot of company on that boat. Keep up your work ! Daughter lives in Broken Arrow so I enjoy your ‘politic ‘n

  2. Cal

    Everyone wants answers on Benghazi and it just seems none of us can get any. The liberals are determined to sweep this one under the rug to never be heard from again. It’s wrong.

  3. Jan Brown

    What did I miss??? I read nothing about a 3rd party from either the Congressman or the author…What I did read is that Congressmen Wolf & Gerlach were asking to speak with those that might give us info on Bengazi & hit a brick wall that they need our help in breaking through…I believe Bob’s reference to the power of the Tea Party was an example of how much power & influnce that ‘we the people’ can yield we want. Again rightfully so, Bob pointed out that ‘our leadrship’ isn’t acting so we must support the few in DC that are.

    1. Bob Russell Post author

      Jan, I often advocate for a 3rd party but that isn’t the point of the article as you correctly pointed out. No matter what we do about political allies, the important thing is that We the People stand up when people like these men, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and others stand up. Unite behind them for liberty first, because without liberty our differences on gun rights, gay rights, abortion, etc. mean nothing.

      1. Jan Brown

        Time isn’t on our side right now,Our Nation is in dire straits and needs our help NOW, & Yes, we need to do whatevr we can (even across state lines) to support thos in DC that WILL stand on principal. ONLY IF we stop the bleeding will there be time for our more personal wants. Losing the base would give us nothing to build on or with…leave you with a chuckle, Texas is amending it’s motto “Don’t mess with Texas” to include “because we have a “Cruz” missle.” keep doing what you do

  4. Voice from the wilderness

    Congressman Wolf is absolutely right, Conservative voters AND conservative politicians need a new party. The republican party has become as much an enemy to the people and our Constitution as the socialist democrat party.

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