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One thought on “Politics and Christianity

  1. Jan Brown

    Funny, old as I am, I never knew that Christianity had a ‘left’ or ‘right’. I would’ve said, it’s ambidexterous & equally available to one & all… What I have found is there is a great deal of deliberate ‘mis-use’of the (word)& a claim to it. Far too often Christianlity is added to politics as if it justifies ‘bad’ behaviour or somehow seems to add credence & make it more palatable to others. Then, too, other individuals find it an ‘excuse’ to cover lack of knowledge.

    While our Country is founded on Christian ‘belief’, I donot see it listed in the Constitution. Perhaps this is because a true Christian relys on wisdom & guidence it provides rather than a need to tout it outloud…You know that “action speaks louder than words”

    Actually, Warren, I found the person’s comment leaning to contridictive. Perhaps he hasn’t ‘just yet’ rendered “unto God”. Great response on your part

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