New world order emerging from BRICS summit

By | March 28, 2013

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One thought on “New world order emerging from BRICS summit

  1. Jan Brown

    Even as unlikely that a grouping such as BRICS would actually be established, the ‘hint’ of such a group is proof that a “ONE WORLD” organization is not ‘workable’. This action displays the very differences in the paticipants beliefs that would create gaps in any unity & policies a ‘one world’ government attempted to institute… One Size simply does not fit all….China’s agressive moves in growth would soon be locked into challanging Russia for dominence. China’s economy has grown rapidly since 1996 & being accepted into the Internaional Trade Union. South Africa would be another horse in their growing stable…adding to their wealth of power….We have seen in our own Country the huge influx of ‘made in China’ costing job loses & all that goes with it….They have nothing to lose & sit like a cat waiting for the canary to open the cage door.

    Our own devalued dollar & lack of leadership is showing thse ‘little guys’ that maybe they can’t rely on the U.S. after all. And the European IMF members are on shaky ground as well. So while I commend their desire for indepence, I hope that they fail in this effort. China & Russia will gobble them up & use them as fodder to feed their own.

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