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One thought on “N Korean: ‘We’re Ready to Remove USA From Earth Forever!’

  1. Jan Brown

    The ‘Boy’ King may be wisest of them all. He has lived in the western world & tasted the glamour, & lure of party lights. He may be content to let the ‘old’ generals of his father & grandfather stew in the past, rattling their sabers….because he seen with his own eyes the ‘self destruct’ ways of Westeners. He has seeen & heard the United States, in particular, all the infighting & selfishness splattered with high taxes & moral decay. He has partied with those living beyond their means & careers that failed…ALL without a military finger being lifted or rocket fired….He is content to sit back with his elevated status & watch as the great Americas fall on their own sword….

    For surely we will, if we don’t get it together & insist that Washington do the same. It’s 3 musketeer time..All for one and one for all UNITED

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