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2 thoughts on “Lady Liberty

  1. Jan Brown

    Michael, this is beautifully written…it captures the very essence of our Great Nation. We are like a huge patchwork quilt of beauty to be envied. Each State boasts it’s own idenity & culture, yet stiched together with the strong thread of freedom & liberty.

    It’s ironic, or perhaps moronic that we embrace the mantles of freedom & liberty, yet migrate in the directioon of Socializm…There are no freedoms in a government nanny state..just complience & slavery.

    As you said, The Early Pioneers were self- reliant & took the responsibiity for their own care. They knew that when you encounter a bear, you stand tall & roar as loud as you can..& the bear will leave.

    “On every question of construction, let us
    carry ourselves back to the time when the
    Constution was adopted, RECOLLECT THE SPIRIT
    manifested in debates, and instead of trying
    what meaning may be squeezed out of the text,
    or ‘invented’ against it, conform to the
    probable one in which it was passed”
    Thomas Jefferson

    This is OUR Country…unless we give it away

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