Kagan ’09: ‘There is No Federal Constitutional Right to Same-Sex Marriage’

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  • Do you want to bet which way she will vote on this issue. Talk is cheap, it take money to buy whiskey. Saying one thing to get confirmed and believing what you said after confirmation is an altogether different thing in the political world. Remember, if their lips are moving it’s almost certain they are lying.

  • My opinion on this, is to give them the same rights but do it in a Civil Union… They could get the benefits as other couples … This doesnt seem to be good enough for them though… I look at it as them wanting to go against religion. If they want rights, why wouldnt this be a suitabe solution? No one’s rights or beliefs would be trampled on.
    It seems everytime someone gains rights, another right is taken away, in this case the idea of the religious that being gay is wrong…
    Some will argue that if this passes that no one’s rights will be taken but yes, they will for those who still feel that it is wrong. Just like the insuring woman to receive free birth control or whatever. Religion still needs to be recognised and forcing birth control issues down an employers throats is just wrong, especially when most woman can go to the Health and get free birth control…