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It’s Payback Time

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  1. This bill would definitely strengthen Union power (at least initially). It would also pave the way for Republicans and real Independents to gain political power in that State as the people begin to realize that Democrats will take care of special interests to the detriment of the majority of the voters. If passed, this could break the back of the Donkey Party in Minnesota.

  2. We have to keep spreading the word and keep putting sunlight on what AFSCME is doing!!!!

    Here’s part of the February 25 hearing:

  3. The forced unionzation of personal care attendants (PCAs) is even worse than that being done to family child care providers. Cathy Ludlum employs about a dozen PCAs who enable her to live an independent life; she notes in a video produced by AFP Connecticut that unionization could wind up pushing people with high end needs into institutions by inflating the cost of the services: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS9wkHFaio4 It also interferes with the right of an employer with a disability to control the relationship with their PCAs including individualized training. Mandatory unionized training, as exists in Washington state, means that people with disabilities will have to untrain and retrain PCAs to fit their individualized needs. Disability activists in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Montana, and elsewhere have resisted PCA unionization. Here are some more links on the issue:


    And from Michigan, which just abolished this scheme after SEIU looted over $34 million from Michigan Medicaid checks: http://www.michigancapitolconfidential.com/17773

    And I would be glad to share much more, which I have posted on our Facebook group, Stop the SEIU from Hijacking Care Providers at https://www.facebook.com/groups/185712171462620/

  4. Minnisota is just one State caught up in the muscle flexing of the ‘almighty Unions. Their membership is repotedly on the decline so perhaps joining the Judicial, Legislative & Executive branches as a fouth branch, the will survive as an ‘official’ part of our Great, Beloved Nation. (the same one they berate at every opportunity) The time for Unions has passed, but they just ‘hang around’ like that comfy pair of slippers or robe I left in my closet for years before finally admitting they were useless & no amount of rationalizion would change it & relegated them to the trash. This effort is not Constitutional. IF the Union succeeds in Minnisota, your state could be the next battle front. Keeping ever in mind, Eric Holder is NOT on the side of anyone or State that acknowledgs the U>S> Constitution, see if you can find a way to help the Conservatives in Minnisota hold the line. I’m going to contact Senator Brandon Peterson (R-Min) to see what a Texan might do….this may be a chance to put some action with my words…