Is House Passed GOP Budget Hopeless?

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  • There is a great deal of merit in ‘The Ryan Plan’ For instance it points out a great cut would be the Sixty eight Duplicate programs in DOE.. I think it’s great that the Republicans have shown that there is a way to cut spending with minimal tax increase.And should keep making their efforts specifically known to the voters. HOWEVER, Show & Tell time is over..There must surely be at least one HouseRepublican that can get together with a few Democrats & craft at least a few points of agreement…Obama apparntly is not interest in a balance or any budget..frankly I don’t believe his pea brain can even grasp the meaning of ‘budget’, nor is he ‘balanced”….If these guys can’t lead, get the hell out of the way & let someone that can & will lead….The peoples business isn’t all warm & fuzzy…So you hurt feelings..It’s not like you’re sleeping with them, (is it?) So throw punches if you need too…tutorials are available on balancing a budget..Both parties are afraid of losing election, & should be.